CloudServer PRO SSD – fast, fault-tolerant and extremely flexible


CloudServer PRO SSD is a fault-tolerant cloud computing service, which uses extremely fast SSD disks for data storage.

For whom?

The service is intended for exporting professionals seeking for a platform to house business critical solutions.


The benefits of CloudServer PRO SSD include speed, high availability and usage based pricing – you pay for what is used.
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CloudServer PRO SSD includes:

Server cloud

a part of Zone server cloud resources

Operating system

operating system installation


periodic backups

Control Panel

a web based control panel

Nature of the service:

  • Virtualization: Hardware virtualization
  • Supported OS: Linux, Windows Server
  • Storage: SSD SAN
  • Fault tolerance: RAID 1
  • Automatic failover: Yes
  • Backups: daily
  • Virtual console: Yes
  • Pricing: utility computing
  • Location: Amsterdam

Operating systems and distributions available


OpenSuSE Gentoo

Windows ServerRedHat Linux

Responsibilites are divided as follows:


Server housing
Internet connectivity


Operating system
Software platform
Server management
Installing applications
Managing applications

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