Smart Dedicated Servers combine guaranteed resources with management by Zone


In addition to housing, internet connectivity and hardware, this service includes professional management, the Zone software platform and the web-based control panel.

For whom?

Enterprises that need guaranteed resources, enhanced privacy and complete independence, but do not want to focus on lower level server management.


If your success depends on the performance and reliability of your web application, this is the most robust option.

Choose an offering

A Smart Dedicated Server includes:

Fujitsu hardware

On-site warranty and an option to use the cold-standby server if needed

internet connectivity

server housing

Zone professional management services

a web server

a SQL database server

e-mail with a substantial number of mailboxes

a mailing list manager

data recovery in case of a technical failure

a web based control panel

one-click installer for WordPress

a server side antivirus and an anti-SPAM solution

a web-based e-mail client

an independent SMTP service

Responsibilities are divided as follows:

Server housing
Internet connectivity
Operating system
Software platform
Server management

The client

Installing applications
Managing applications.

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