Smart Dedicated Server prices

With VAT
Service planIII
Bargain price
(monthly cost when paying yearly)
214.96 €257.95 €445.00 €534.00 €
Monthly price234.50 €281.40 €485.50 €582.60 €
Installion fee60.72 €72.86 €121.44 €145.73 €
ProcessorIntel Xeon E3-1230v6 4C/8T 3.50 GHz 8 MBIntel Xeon E5-2630v4 10C/20T 2.20 GHz 25MB
Storage system2x SSD Intel DC S6100 Series 400 GB RAID12 x HD SSD Intel DC S3520 Series 800 GB RAID1
Ingress speed100 Mbit/s1 Gbit/s
Egress speed100 Mbit/s1 Gbit/s
Monthly transfer limit5 TiB15 TiB
Zone software platform++
Zone server management service++
Available now++
Daily backups ? ++
Zone creates backup copies of files and SQL data on the shared hosting accounts. The copies are preserved for 2 weeks each (i.e. at any given moment data from up to two weeks past can be restored). Data is restored via a backup copy in 48 hours.
With VAT
Additional servicesMonthly priceDaily price
Additional 1TiB of bandwidth5.00 €6.00 €-
Additional 100 GiB of backup space10.01 €12.01 €-

Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client

Workdays 09.00-17.00 50 € 60 €
Workdays 17.00-23.00 factor 1.5 (75 €90 €)
Workdays 23.00-09.00 and on weekends factor 2.0 (100 €120 €)
Backup restorations made on request of the client are billed as 0,5 hours of work, not the actual restoration time. To order additional services send an e-mail to

The client benefit

If you have been at Zone for 6 months with any hosting service, we will forgo the installation fee.

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