Website security monitor Nimbusec


Website vulnerability and malware scans, defacement detection.

For whom?

For anyone who wants to manage their security risks: private individuals, companies and public sector entities.


Nimbusec helps minimise losses in capital and in reputation.
Order now and secure your website


In co-operation with the Austrian company Nimbusec GmbH, we offer our customers a unique website security solution called Nimbusec.

Nimbusec offers fast vulnerability and incident detection, giving users an opportunity to receive incident notifications, before a criminal can do significant damage.

Do you need this service? Yes. Website Security Statistics Report 2015 compiled by WhiteHat Security Inc. states that 55% of commercial websites are permanently vulnerable.

Nimbusec will discover:

  • malware
  • webshells
  • defacements
  • blacklistings
  • vulnerable CMS versions
  • insecure configurations
  • certificate issues
  • content changes

Unique features:

  • Nimbusec will discover vulnerabilities and incidents on the client side and on the server side of the application.
  • Nimbusec does not upload and/or save files to its own servers. Only file names and a unique hash based on file name and source is sent to the server.
  • Nimbusec does not alter or delete files.