Managed Dedicated Server

The guaranteed performance and convenience of a fully managed server

Managed Dedicated Server?

A Managed Dedicated Server is just as easy to use as a virtual server, but it is located on a physical server reserved only for your website(s).

There are no software restrictions – the number of simultaneously served visitors depends only on how powerful hardware you choose.Managed

How to choose?

The capabilities of a Managed Dedicated Server depend on the hardware of your choice, and we have collected three sets of samples that are usually “in stock”.
In case of a different configuration, we will make a price offer with possible delivery times.

If the technical parameters seem complicated, write to us at and describe your expectations –
our specialists will quickly check the website, planned traffic volume and help you determine which server you need.

  • Yearly billing Yes With VAT No
  • Signup Fee
  • Processor
  • CPU Frequency
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Performance Level
  • Redundant power supply unit
  • E-mail
  • Professional server management
  • Modern and efficient data centre
  • Fault-tolerant networks and servers
  • ZoneOS platform
  • Security and feature updates
  • Intuitive web-based control panel
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Managed dedicated I

    255€ +VAT/Mo

    290 € +VAT

  • 65 € + VAT
  • Intel Xeon E-2336 6C/12T
  • 2.9Ghz -> 4.8Ghz turbo
  • 32 GB
  • 2 x 480GB SSD RAID1
  • 5/10
  • Order now
  • Managed dedicated II

    375 € +VAT/Mo

    430 € +VAT

  • 65 € + VAT
  • Intel Xeon E-2388G 8C/16T
  • 3.2Ghz -> 5.1Ghz turbo
  • 64 GB
  • 4 x 480 GB SSD RAID 10
  • 7/10
  • Order now
  • Managed dedicated III

    699€ +VAT/Mo

    799 € +VAT

  • 65 € + VAT
  • AMD EPYC 9254 24C/48T
  • 2.9Ghz -> 4.15Ghz turbo
  • 256 GB
  • 2 x 960 GB NVMe RAID1
  • 10/10
  • Order now

24/7 monitoring

In addition to software, we also track all critical hardware specifications and respond immediately to any disruptions.

Backup server

In case of possible problems with the hardware, we guarantee the availability of a similar cold-standby backup server.

Bandwidth speed

The bandwidth speed in all packages for uploading and downloading is 1 Gbps and unlimited data volume.


By default, we make backups for 14 days. For Managed Dedicated Server, this period can be changed according to your backup policy

Always up-to-date

We take care of updates and security of the server software platform. This gives the customer an opportunity to focus on their business.

Multiple virtualservers

Add multiple virtual servers for different environments. This way you can keep tests, development environment and production separate.

Managed Dedicated Server 24/7

Managed Dedicated Server uses exactly the same Zone service platform that your developer is used to – and Zone takes care of network connection, backups, all necessary upgrades, and the same or more powerful server as a reserve.

Shared Hosting vs Managed Dedicated Server?

Оn a shared hosting, there is a considerable amount of clients in one physical server, and resources are limited to ensure that the application of one client does not affect the work of another. Using a Managed Dedicated Server, you can use all of the amount of CPU time, disk space and RAM as there is available on the selected dedicated server.
 Shared HostingManaged Dedicated Server
Disc spaceup to 1 TiBdepending on the selected hardware
Number of Inodesup to 512,000unlimited
Radish memory usageup to 512 MiBdepending on the selected hardware
Application memory usageup to 1024 MiBdepending on the selected hardware
Cron jobsup to 10unlimited
Number of databasesup to 30unlimited
Database sizeup to 12 GBunlimited
PHP processesup to 10depending on the selected processor
Database serverseparatelyon same server
Recovery speedup to 24hdepending on the amount of data
Parallel unitsup to 200unlimited
Sending e-mail from a web serverup to 5 emails per secondunlimited
SMTP connections (port 25)not allowedallowed