The easiest way to start Elasticsearch!

Our Smart Elasticsearch is the most convenient solution for  fast search and filters in your online store.

Elasticsearch is a fast search engine, which allows for near-realtime search and analysis of various kinds of text, numeric and spatial data.

Many modern web applications use Elasticsearch on their back-end, to offer data search, logging or analysis functionality to their users.

Smart Elasticsearch

Zone offers a managed Elasticsearch search engine, that you can add to your Webhosting, Smart Dedicated Server or other service that uses the Zone platform. Our Smart Elasticsearch offers simplicity, performance and security at an affordable and transparent price.

Why would you need this?

One of the largest business areas that desperately needs the super speeds of Elasticsearch is e-commerce. The capability to quickly display products, accurately and instantly respond to searches or recommend products to customers, is the foundation of every successful e-shop. Speed sells!

This is why the developers of the e-commerce flagship Magento have decided, that starting from version 2.4 Magento will require Elasticsearch from all users. Our Elasticsearch functionality is the ideal companion to each Magento store hosted with Zone.

Smart Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Basic
for Webhosting

/ month (+ VAT)
  • Processor: fair use
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Storage: 30 GB SSD

Elasticsearch Advanced
for Webhosting

/ month (+VAT)
  • Processor: fair use
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 8 GB
  • Storage: 100 GB SSD

Elasticsearch Dedicated
for Smart Dedicated Server

0 / month (+VAT)
  • Processor: limited by hardware
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 16 GB
  • Storage: limited by hardware

Easy management

You will have a complete overview of your Elasticsearch instances settings and performance via our Control Panel.