Free Zone+ Applications


Zone+ makes installing Voog, WordPress, Drupal and other internet applications faster and easier when using Zone Web Hosting.

For whom?

For everybody. Especially those who do not care for the technical complexity of manual installs.


For more effective and secure use of your internet identity and server resources.

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Among Zone+ Applications you will find free tools for:

  • content management (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc);
  • creating your personal cloud (OwnCloud);
  • photo and media galleries (Gallery, Zenphoto, etc);
  • tools for building a community (phpBB, Pligg, etc);
  • e-commerce applications (osCommerce, PrestaShop, etc);
  • marketing and advertising apps (OpenX, SEOPanel, Piwik);
  • tools for entrepeneurs (BoxBilling, Feng Office, Frontaccounting jne);
  • tools for developers (MODx, CodeIgnoter, DokuWiki jne).

Zone+ enables you to:

  • install web applications with one click, no bothersome technical details to be entered;
  • you can set the upgrade of the applications to automatic, which makes your site more secure;
  • you can move applications between locations with just one click, making development easier;
  • manage all your applications from one place, by using your ZoneID, even if your applications are on different servers.

You will find all Zone+ applications in the Zone control panel “My Zone”!