SSL certificate – a key to secure business


A TLS-certificate (previously called SSL-certificate) makes it possible to create a secure communication channel across the public internet.

For whom?

TLS-certificates are mandatory for all professionals who wish to transmit data secure and intact using TLS-based technologies.


TLS is one of the most common ways of securing data transfers on the internet, used by all safe banks, online stores and governments.

TLS-certificates can secure:

  • Web connections
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Payment data and methods
  • Private information
  • VPN connections
  • Data integrity
  • Database connections
  • FTP connections
  • Applications
  • etc…

Nowadays a secure connection is vital for all businesses, the lack of it will raise questions in your clients and business partners.

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SSL ComodoSSL RapidSSLSSL Norton securedSSL Geotrustand others.

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