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Managed CloudServer

Offers user-friendliness of web hosting, combined with the scalability and reliability of the cloud.
With our unique ZoneOS cloud platform, you can be assured of both speed and security for your applications and achieve peace of mind.

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  • Yearly billing Yes With VAT No
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Storage (NVMe SSD)
  • Performance Level
  • E-mail
  • Professional server management
  • Modern and efficient data centre
  • Fault-tolerant networks and servers
  • ZoneOS platform
  • Security and feature updates
  • Intuitive web-based control panel
  • Daily off-site backups

    65,00€ +VAT/Mo

    norm. 130 € +VAT

    150 € +VAT

  • 4 vCPU
  • 16 GB
  • 1 TiB
  • 5/10

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    90,00 € +VAT/Mo

    norm. 180 € +VAT

    200 € +VAT

  • 6 vCPU
  • 32 GB
  • 1 TiB
  • 7/10

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    140,00€ +VAT/Mo

    norm. 280 € +VAT

    300 € +VAT

  • 12 vCPU
  • 48 GB
  • 1 TiB
  • 10/10

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Service plan Cloudserver Business Cloudserver Pro Cloudserver Platinum
Disk space (files, databases, email and backups) 1024 GiB 1024 GiB 1024 GiB
Inodedes 2 048 000 2 048 000 3 072 000
Monthly transfer limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Alias domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of e-mail accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of e-mail aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum size of one mailbox 16 GiB 16 GiB 16 GiB
DKIM signature (webmail & SMTP) + + +
DKIM signature (web server) + + +
Number of MariaDB databases (compatible with MySQL) 64 64 64
CronJob limit 15 15 15
Maximum database size 64 GiB 64 GiB 64 GiB
Lasting application memory usage (incl. Node.js) 10 GiB 10 GiB 10 GiB
Redis cache 10 GiB 10 GiB 10 GiB
SSH support + + +
Free Let’s Encrypt certificates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Websockets and port forwarding support + + +
LAdditional 500000 inodes 12 €
Additional 1 GiB of MariaDB space 6 €
Additional 50 GiB of storage 10 €
Additional IP 3 €
Prices do not include VAT. Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client.

Managed CloudServers have been designed for growing businesses. If a website, e-commerce storefront or web application has become business-critical for your venture or organisation, a Managed CloudServer can offer extra resources and customisations.

Relative to traditional web hosting services, a Managed CloudServer offers increased scalability, improved performance, heightened security, and advanced customisation.

A Managed CloudServer from Zone comes equipped with all the essentials required to operate your website or application with reliability. Since our Managed CloudServers operate using the same pioneering in-house developed ZoneOS operating system and control panel that powers web hosting services, migration is a hassle-free process that requires minimal time and effort.

As Managed CloudServers are isolated from one another and do not share resources, they also offer freedom from certain fair use policies that are necessary for conventional web hosting.

Turbo button

After moving to Managed Cloudserver you will receive access to new feature – Turbo button. The Turbo solution allows you to use the resources of the next package once a month for 3 days for no additional cost

Our client experienced issues with their online store’s loading speed during the Midsummer holiday, which at times took up to 30 seconds. They responded quickly and effectively by migrating their store to the Managed CloudServer service. This move significantly improved the situation, reducing loading times to just 1-2 seconds, greatly enhancing user experience., one of our clients, faced loading issues during a peak ticket sales period, with their online store pages taking up to 25 seconds to load. Immediate action was crucial. To address this, we migrated their services to a new, faster Managed CloudServer, which significantly reduced loading times to 1-2 seconds, thereby enhancing customer experience at a critical moment.

“Take your business to the next level! Contact us to find out how Managed CloudServer can help achieve your e-commerce goals. Our Managed CloudServer ensures your online store speed and a smooth shopping experience for your customers!”

Martin Kirs – Customer Success Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

We operate our infrastructure in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia).

The primary distinctions lie in the allocation of server resources for the application and the technology employed to segregate clients. A web application hosted on a Managed CloudServer benefits from better resource allocation and is kept separate from other clients, reducing the likelihood of risks.

Upon acquiring a VPS or standard CloudServer, the customer receives a virtualised server with an operating system, wherein they are responsible for setting up and maintaining the hosting environment for their web application – including monitoring, security updates, backups, and so on. The ingenuity of a Smart Cloud Server lies in the fact that Zone manages all of this.

The Managed CloudServer was designed to cater to mission-critical web applications and pages. Therefore, to minimise risks associated with manageability, it is envisaged that one Managed CloudServer should host one website, along with its aliases or subdomains. If an organisation intends to host multiple mission-critical applications, we suggest that distinct Managed CloudServers be chosen for each.

Our objective is to furnish our clients with a Managed CloudServer that is under the supervision of Zone, ensuring that the responsible party is always identifiable. Collaborating with other parties to share responsibilities and privileges would inevitably result in fragmented responsibility and heightened risks, making the service more intricate and, thus, more costly. Therefore, we do not grant root user privileges to the customer.

Managed CloudServers permit altering the web server or the database server parameters that, if modified in standard web hosting, could compromise customer data’s confidentiality, integrity or manageability. For instance, it is feasible to adjust the behaviour of the SQL server to allow for a single query to utilise significantly more resources. If you have any questions about a specific parameter, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

The changes for you are significant. With the update, your website and e-store will become noticeably faster, which significantly improves the user experience. For clients, browsing the site will become smoother and more enjoyable, which may also increase their satisfaction and thus sales numbers.
Additionally, a special “Turbo” button has been added to the control panel. This allows you to temporarily increase your server’s capacity for three days without additional costs during campaigns. This is particularly useful for major sales campaigns or unexpectedly increased web traffic, providing the necessary resources when you need them most.

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