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CloudServer VPS

We offer high-performance Linux servers on unique ZoneOS hypervisors that are optimised for virtualised workloads. Our enterprise-class hardware, built with the AMD EPYC processor architecture and ultra-fast NVMe-based storage backend, ensures lightning-fast performance for your needs.

Select the level of resources you want to start with

  • With VAT No
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • SSD (NVMe)
  • Monthly transfer
  • Bandwidth (up/down)
  • Modern and efficient data center
  • Fault-tolerant networks and servers
  • VPS I


  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GiB SSD
  • 20 TiB
  • 1 Gbps
  • Order
  • VPS II

    9,12 €+VAT/month

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 35 GiB SSD
  • 20 TiB
  • 1 Gbps
  • Order
  • vps III

    18,29 €+VAT/month

  • 2 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GiB SSD
  • 20 TiB
  • 1 Gbps
  • Order
  • vps IV

    36,62 € +VAT/month

  • 3 vCPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GiB SSD
  • 20 TiB
  • 1 Gbps
  • Order
  • vps V

    64,12 €+VAT/month

  • 4 vCPU
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 150 GiB SSD
  • 20 TiB
  • 1 Gbps
  • Order

Additional services

With VAT No
1 Dedicated IP address4,00 € month
1 vCPU3,80 € month
1 GiB RAM2,40 € month
SSD 1GiB0,075 € month

To order a dedicated IP, send an e-mail to Other resources can be added in the Cloud Server administration panel

CloudServer VPS is a reliable and cost-effective choice for running your applications in the cloud.

Our service provides root-level access to an uncomplicated Linux operating system instance based on your favourite distribution.

It’s perfect for customers who require low-level access to the operating system to run specialised applications not currently supported by our web-hosting service.

With our fixed service plans, you can enjoy peace of mind with predictable costs.

CloudServer VPS runs on our cutting-edge ZoneOS platform, which enables us to innovate rapidly and continuously improve the service for the benefit of our customers.

Ingmar Aasoja – Head of Software Development at Zone

Integrating and automating CloudServer VPS is made easy for developers through the usage of a simple RESTful API. This API enables the swift deployment of new servers and effortless configuration of existing ones.

					# API call example using Curl
curl -X PUT "" \
-u 'username:api_key' \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-d '{
    "disk": "50G",
    "ram": "3G",
    "vcpu": 4

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service platform

99,9% uptime

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365 days a year

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Frequently Asked Questions

CloudServer VPS provides you with infrastructure in the form of a clean operating system instance that you can use to build anything. You have total control and responsibility.

A Managed CloudServer provides you with a platform to run your web applications. The capabilities and tools supported by the platform are designed and supplied by us. We take some of the responsibility for you and some of the control.

Zone has reduced the risk of data loss by implementing industry best practices. In accordance with its security policy, Zone makes backups of client data for disaster recovery purposes. Zone advises clients to create their own backups of data according to their own policies and risk assessments. Zone does not guarantee the preservation of data hosted on the server.

CloudServer VPS currently supports modern Linux OS distributions including Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, CentOS, and Debian.

Unfortunately, we do not currently support using your own images (aka “Bring Your Own ISO”) on CloudServer VPS.

Yes, we grant CloudServer VPS customers “root” permissions, but with great power comes great responsibility. Only you are responsible for installing, updating and configuring applications in the virtual machine. It’s crucial to take ownership of these responsibilities and ensure they are carried out accurately and effectively.

Should you lose network access or otherwise need to access the virtual machine “offline”, you can access it via our “My Zone” control panel, which provides you with a virtual VNC console.

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