Is it safe to visit your web page?

More than 50% of commercial websites are permanently vulnerable 
NTT Application Security Report 2021 compiled by WhiteHat Security Inc. states.

Zone+ Security Monitor

Zone+ Security Monitor is a prevention and warning system that let’s you know about malware and threats on your website. Security Monitor periodically scans web site files and security holes and detects malware – notifies you immediately when something suspicious is found. Periodic report is sent by email after the scan, when using Aggressive service package then by SMS. It is designed for anyone who wants to hedge security risks and minimize financial and reputable losses in security incident.

The first server scan takes place within 15 minutes after the application is installed.

With VAT No


3,00 €3,66 €

(a month)


  • 1 x week server-side scan
  • 24h homepage fast scan
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Alarms via e-mail
  • Basic defacement analysis


9,99 €12,19 €

(a month)


  • 1 x day server-side scan
  • 4h homepage fast scan
  • 72h website deep scan
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Alarms via e-mail
  • Advanced defacement analysis


29,99 €36,59 €

(a month)


  • Every 4h server-side scan
  • 1h homepage fast scan
  • 24h website deep scan
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Alarms via e-mail
  • Alarms via SMS
  • Advanced defacement analysis
  • Additional antivirus engine
  • SSL analysis

Zone+ Security Monitor detects


Webshells and Trojan horse



Expired CMS versions

Deficient and unsafe configuration

Problems with security certificates

Content replacements

Unique features of Zone+ Security Monitor

Thorough It detects incidents by scanning the site from the visitor’s view as well as from the server side.
Anonymous It does not download or save the files from the site to server.
Security Monitor’s server receives only file name and unique code.
Reliable It does not modify your website or delete files.