4000 new .EE domains registered in July

According to the Estonian ccTLD registry about 4000 new .EE domains were registered in July after the ccTLD reform in Estonia started. 

Estonias largest domain name registrar Zone.ee passed along about half of all the registration requests, the other half was divided among 23 accredited registrars. 

The most significant changes the new domain name registration terms have brought are: 

  • private individuals are able to register domain names in the .EE ccTLD;
  • a registrant can register more that one domain name; 
  • domain name registration has opened up to foreign registrants;
  • domain name registration is no longer free;
  • domain names are now registered for a set term of 1 year and registrations have to be renewed.  

All current holders of an Estonian domain name must re-register their domains in accordance with the new terms.