Domain transfer and change of ownership

Why move to Zone? It is more convenient to manage services in one place – more time to design a web-site.

Advice for domain transfer

Domain transfer

In order to transfer domain registered elsewhere to Zone management, a transfer procedure must be initiated.

Transfer is a paid procedure, during which domain is transferred from another registrar and in most cases is renewed for one year.

Transferring a domain requires following:
  • ensuring that domain is unlocked and ready for transfer;
  • requesting an authorization code if required;
  • beginning transfer via form on Zone web-site by entering a correct authorization code;
  • confirming the transfer by clicking the link sent via email sent at the domain’s contact address;
Domain transfer rules depending on different top level domain registries:
Trading domain by changing contact information

By changing the contact information, the ownership can be changed for following domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .ME, .MOBI and .TV The change must be confirmed via verification email.

Enter domain management via My Zone, choose „ My domains“ and update domain contacts.

Changing ownership via trade procedure

The owners of the European Union, Estonian or other country code top level domains must go through a trade procedure on order to change the ownership:

  • new owner initiates the trade procedure;
  • current owner approves or declines the trade request;
  • if the current owner declines the trade request, ownership will not be changed.

Note: Current form cannot be used to change ownership of the domains registered via Zone. Use a separate form to change the ownership.

The rules on ownership change may vary depending on the domain:
  • Changing ownership of .ЕЕ domain
  • Changing ownership of .ЕU domain