All not re-registered ee-domains inactivated

Today, Estonian Internet Foundation inactivated ee-domains, which were not re-registered during the transition period of the domain reform. As a result, the domain related websites and e-mail addresses are no longer available.

For Zone customers, who haven’t re-registered their domain, the website files and e-mail accounts will be stored on Zone servers. The ee-domain should be re-registered as soon as possible to get them accessible again. This can be done here

There is still two months left to re-register your domain – on April the 5th all the domains that has not been re-registered will be deleted from the EIS register, and they become free for anyone to register on the “first-come, first-served” basis.

If the customer does not wish to extend their ee-domain re-registration or use the alternative options, then on April the 5th Zone will unilaterally stop the server service contract.

For more information about your ee-domain re-registration, see on the above mentioned website or call to our customer support +372 688 6886.