Zone applies new price list for web-hosting services

A few days ago, Zone started its 20th year of operation. We are delighted to start this with a record number of customers and users. We are grateful to Estonian companies, individuals, government entities and  organizations for trusting us more than any other web-hosting provider.

We have worked hard – so our customers always have a modern hardware, high-speed network connections and the most helpful customer service. We are constantly contributing to our services meet the requirements of to the fastest-changing world of the best information security practices and helping our clients reduce the risks associated with their data processing.

The only thing remained basically unchanged since last century is the price for our services. Today, however, we have reached the limit, where we cannot compensate for rising input prices (electricity prices, labor costs, etc.) only by improving efficiency and technical innovation.

Therefore, like many other companies, we will also adjust the prices of our services at the beginning of next year.

New prices for web-hosting services are, starting from 01.01.2019:

Plan I  – 6,25 € (7,50 € with VAT) per month, paying yearly  – bargain price is 5,55 € (6,66 € with VAT) per month
Plan II  – 11,75 € (14,10 € with VAT) per month, paying yearly  – bargain price is 10,55 € (12,66 € with VAT) per month
Plan III  – 20 € (24 € with VAT) per month, paying yearly  – bargain price is 18 € (21,60 € with VAT) per month

Previously issued invoices are subject to current prices even if the service period reaches 2019.

If you have chosen a shorter payment period than one year, it is good idea to change and extend it for year: you can use the current discount for a whole year.

If you are using e-invoice, please check the limits.

Manually set standing orders need to be updated to match the new invoice amount.

We will continue our efforts to make our service even more user-friendly, secure and fulfilled with different options.

Web Hosting Package II gains HTTPS support

Our Web Hosting Package II gained support for secure connections (HTTPS). To offer this, we have implemented Server Name Indication (SNI) in our server platvorm, which allows us to offer HTTPS connectivity without requiring a dedicated IP address from the customer. The need for a dedicated IP has been one of the reasons why HTTPS support has been limited to the more costly service plan.

Also, the SSL certificate management interface gained a feature which allows a newly acquired certificate to be copied directly to the website control panel. This works on the condition that the certificate and website names match, and the private key associated with the certificate has not been removed from the management interface.