renewed contracts on September 1st 2021

New Terms of Service will apply to our services on September 1st 2021. We have grouped all contracts under a single set of user conditions and cleared up the wording. New contracts can be found at

For new customers, the Terms of Service will take effect on September 1st 2021.

For the new customers new Terms of Service will take effect on the 1st September 20121. If the existing client doesn’t agree with the changes, customer has the right to terminate the contract until October 7th 2021 by sending us an e-mail at If the terms are acceptable, there is no need to take any actions. The renewed terms between the customer and Zone are in effect from October 8th 2021.

We advise you to read the new contracts thoroughly. If you have any questions, please call our customer service (+372) 688 6886

Phishing campaign targeting Zone clients – 26.10.2020 from ca 17:50

We have detected a phishing campaign targeting Zone clients – our engineers are adjusting our spam filters to block incoming mail.

Our advice is as usual:

  • if you get e-mail pictured below please delete it
  • if you did reply to email or clicked on link and entered your email + password – please report the incident to your IT support and our helpdesk increases Virtual Server resources up to 5x

Zone Media increases resources offered in all Virtual Server packages for both new and existing clients and completes move of shared hosting services to fast SSD storage on 17.05.2016. Update of software platform complements that with adding support for faster HTTP/2 protocol – already supported by browsers of 75% of visitors – to packages that support HTTPS. Prices remain unchanged.

Most visible change is increase in offered storage space – Package I increases from 50GB to 128GB or 2,56x, Packages II and III have new limits at 256GB and 512GB growing 3,4x and 5,12x. More space is accompanied by rising limits of usage – increasing maximum size of mailbox (now 8-16GB) and database (4-12GB). For clients hosting multiple web applications on same account number of databases increases as well, allowing on Package I and II 16 and 32 and on Package III unlimited databases.

While numbers are easy to compare changes in technology should deserve more attention, influencing actual use of the websites. Gentle push that started in 2014 from Chromium is bringing us closer to moment, when “green padlock” that means secure HTTPS connections will be succeeded by marking all HTTP-connections non-secure. Read more: Marking HTTP As Non-Secure and Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted.

To make transitioning to HTTPS easier we have added support of free and automatically renewed Let’s Encrypt certificates that can be installed with couple of clicks even by non-technical users and support for HTTP/2 protocol that among other features speeds up communication between web server and browser. Possibility to send all resources needed for displaying a web page in single response improves user experience specially on mobile sites.

We at Zone are confident, that now is the right moment to log into MyZone account, enjoy the view of increased limist and change your shared hosting package to one that supports HTTPS and HTTP/2. Short instruction showing the moves of package change and enabling HTTPS can be found in the video – and our customer support is happy to help in case you need assistance.