Temporary change at office work

We have temporarily suspended customer service in our office.  All our electronic channels work as usual. All operations can be done via phone, chat, online self-service or e-mail. Contact information:

Customer support on business days 09.00 – 17.00 (timezone EET/EEST):
Phone Support: +372 688 6886

All systems monitored and incidents handled 24/7, current status visible at status.zone.eu.

Web Hosting Package II gains HTTPS support

Our Web Hosting Package II gained support for secure connections (HTTPS). To offer this, we have implemented Server Name Indication (SNI) in our server platvorm, which allows us to offer HTTPS connectivity without requiring a dedicated IP address from the customer. The need for a dedicated IP has been one of the reasons why HTTPS support has been limited to the more costly service plan.

Also, the SSL certificate management interface gained a feature which allows a newly acquired certificate to be copied directly to the website control panel. This works on the condition that the certificate and website names match, and the private key associated with the certificate has not been removed from the management interface.