The VAT rate will increase from 1 January

Dear customer!

Starting from January 1, 2024, the value-added tax rate in the Republic of Estonia will increase from the current 20% to 22%. The increase in the VAT rate applies to all Zone products and services from January 1, 2024, and affects all Zone customers subject to the Estonian VAT rate.

Please note that if you have a standing e-invoice payment agreement with the bank, you may need to adjust the payment limit accordingly. For additional information, please visit the website of the Tax and Customs Board: Value added tax | Estonian Tax and Customs Board (

Zone applies new price list for web-hosting services from February 1st 2023

We are grateful to Estonian companies, individuals, government entities and organizations for trusting us more than any other web-hosting provider.

We want to continue to provide you with only high-quality services, and due to the rising cost of electricity, servers and other resources, we are forced to revise the prices of our web hosting packages.

New prices for web hosting service packages are, starting from February 1st 2023:

  • Plan Starter and I
    will cost €8.40 per month for a monthly subscription period; discounted price with annual subscription €7.34 per month
  • Plan Business and II
    will cost €14,56 per month for a monthly subscription period; discounted price with annual subscription €12,94 per month
  • Plan Pro and III
    will cost €23,86 per month for a monthly subscription period; discounted price with annual subscription €21,28 per month

New prices for additional services:

  • ZoneCloud Premium 100 GiB storage €3 per month
  • An additional IP address €4 per month
  • Additional 5 cron jobs €3 per month
  • Additional 5 mailing lists €3 per month
  • Additional 500000 inodes €12 per month
  • Additional 1 GiB of MariaDB space €5 per month
  • Additional 5 MariaDB databases + 5 users €3 per month
  • Additional 50 GiB of storage to plan Pro €10 per month (previously the same package included 10GB capacity)
  • Archiving web hosting package up to one year €25
  • Restoring data from backup €28
  • Nimbusec Basic €3 per month

Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client:

  • Workdays 09.00-17.00 €70
  • Workdays 17.00-23.00 factor 1,5 (€105)
  • Workdays 23.00-09.00 and on weekends factor 2,0 (€140)

prices are excluding VAT

Previously issued invoices will remain valid until the end of the billing period.

If you are using e-invoice, please check the limits. Manually set standing orders need to be updated to match the new invoice amount.

We will continue our efforts to make our service even more user-friendly, secure and fulfilled with different options. introduces an affordable website security monitoring service


The largest Estonian hosting provider and Cumulo Information System Security GmBH (Cumulo) have jointly brought Nimbusec – a website security monitoring service – to the Estonian market.

Nimbusec offers website owners information regarding security problems and attacks, helping users avoid incidents and damages. Nimbusec identifies popular malware, backdoors and configuration errors – including out of date content management systems.

“During the last few months, we have had hundreds of attacks against Estonian websites come to light. Largely thanks to accompanying defacements. Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of these incidents go unnoticed for weeks or months. Unfortunately this time period is used by criminals to attack internet users and to steal website owners data,” commented Ardi Jürgens one of the board members of “Nimbusec helps minimise the period during which the homepage owner and users are vulnerable due to lack of information,” he added.

Cumulo’s partner relations development manager Alexander Mitter described Nimbusec’s mission: “Cyber attacks are not only aimed at high profile targets anymore, it is a phenomenon that targets the whole society. The mission of Nimbusec is to stay a step ahead of the criminals, watch over our clients websites and alert them when problems arise. This way we help our customers avoid financial and reputation loss. Partnership with, one of the leaders in its field in Baltics, allows us to bring our services to Estonian entrepeneurs.”

Nimbusec security monitoring is available for all websites hosted at The prices for service plans start at 1.99€ per website.

Zone Media LLC, the largest hosting provider and domain registrar in Estonia was founded in 1999. Co-operation with Cumulo Information System Security GmBH is part of the company’s initiative to bring additional services from international vendors to customers in Estonia.

Cumulo Information System Security GmBH is an Austrian-based cloud service headquartered in Linz that monitors webspaces and domains for malware, defacement and blacklisting.

Possible disruptions in the work of web-hostings on the night of November 12th

On the night of November 12th Zone relocates its servers to another data centre, and as a result, 30-60 minutes disruptions may occur and customers won’t be able to access their virtual servers.

Relocation of the servers is associated with the change of roles of the Tallinn data centres and to increase the overall fault-tolerance.

Zone moved to a new office

Starting this week our office is situated in a new building. We still operate in Ülemiste City, but from now on we welcome our clients at Lõõtsa 5 (5th floor). The office opening hours remain the same and we are opened on business days from 9AM to 5PM.

Welcome to our new office!

Google Chrome version 44 breaking (Some) Web Applications

Chrome’s last 44th release (version 44.0.2403.89) got a small, but significant change. It’s now sending the HTTPS: 1 header on every request by default. This was probably meant as a security improvement, to suggest HTTPs to the server wherever possible, but it’s breaking WordPress and other web server installations all over the world. Problem should be eliminated on July 27th with new release. Until then we recommend to use other web browsers like Safari, Explorer or Firefox.

More information here: connects tens of thousands of businesses to the cloud

Estonia’s largest web-hosting provider launched the cloud storage service ZoneCloud after a 7-month long beta period. The service enables’s web hosting clients to store and share their documents and other data on the service provider’s infrastructure.

ZoneCloud clients can manage their data via online web interface, as well as native clients, which are available for all popular operating systems. The new cloud service is also compatible with devices running Apple iOS and Google Android.

„We hope that a local alternative to services provided by global corporations encourages Estonian entrepreneurs to use cloud services more,“ commented Riho Kurg, the CEO of “In 2014, Eurostat has conducted a survey among companies with staff of more than ten people. In Estonia, only 15% of them used cloud services. This figure is far behind the leader – Finland, whose figure was 50%, while the average for the EU was 19%.”

“Based on Eurostat research it becomes clear that the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs are the safety and protection of data in the cloud, its location and the current laws in the country of the service provider. Our company’s place of origin, 15 years of experience in providing similar services and unique infrastructure in Estonia, help to reduce all these fears significantly,” added Kurg.

A free version of ZoneCloud, which currently allows each user to store up to 5 GB of files on the service, has been automatically assigned to all e-mail users at The number of such users at is above 120,000.

Zone began a cooperation with the German software developers ownCloud GmBH on 2013, to design and develop the ZoneCloud service. ZoneCloud applications for Windows and Mac, as well as for mobile devices based on Android and iOS, were developed in the process.

7-month long beta period preceded the launch of the service, during which feedback from clients was gathered and based on it, the platform was improved and adapted to Estonian conditions.

.EE domain prices will drop significantly next year

Beginning January 1st 2015, new .EE domain fees, announced in October by Estonian Internet Foundation, will take effect. As a result, .EE domain registration and renewal prices will drop significantly. At Estonian biggest domain registrar the .EE domain registration and renewal fee will be 13.14 euros for one year, 24.60 euros for two years and 34.74 euros for three years (VAT included).

Registration of a new domain only takes a few minutes and each domain includes free DNS records management. As one of the few registrars in Estonia, offers free DNSSEC cryptographic protection and triple DNS fault tolerance.