EU Domain Discount Campaign Ending Soon. Seize the Opportunity to Register a One-Euro Domain Today

Last year’s .EU domain discount sale is approaching its finish line with the end of January. In light of this, we recommend everyone take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a domain priced at just one euro before the return to regular pricing.

Starting from February 1st, the normal price for registering a .EU domain will be €4.50, with renewals costing €6.50. Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are subject to VAT, and the annual price applies to multi-year registrations as well.

This date also marks a price change for the .NET domain, increasing by €1.36, making the cost for registering or renewing for one year €15.56. The annual price for a .ORG domain will be €13.92 (a rise of €1.02), for a .INFO domain €21.70 (an increase of €1.25), and for a .BIZ domain €17.17, which is up by €1.67.

However, we bring positive news for registrants of .LV and .LT domains. From February 1st, the registration price for a Lithuanian domain for one year will decrease by €1.94, meaning a new .LT domain will cost just €7.96. The price for a Latvian domain will reduce by €1.70, allowing for registration at an annual price of €13.20.

We will continuously update on our website and through social media about the discount campaigns awaiting in 2024.