The .SE rules

1. Special conditions

1.1 ZONE offers .SE domain names in cooperation with Ascio Technologies Inc, an accredited registrar of the Swedish domain Registry (II-stiftelsen).

2. Applicable rules

2.1 The following rules apply to all .SE domains and operations with .SE domains:

3. Services and prices for .SE domain name registration a ZONE

3.1 Registration fee, new registration: 15.00 €. This fee includes the .SE NIC fee for the first year.

3.2 Registration fee, change of ownership: 15.00 €. This fee includes the .SE NIC fee for the first year.

3.3 Renewal fee: 15.00 €.

All prices exclude VAT.

4. Information on the treatment of personal information

4.1 ZONE treats personal information in accordance with the Swedish Law on Personal Information (personuppgiftslagen – 1998:204) and in line with the contents of the Annex B of the II-stiftelsen current Registrar Agreement.

5. Opening Hours

5.1 ZONE answers to incoming support requests Monday-Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 (UTC+2). You can submit your inquiries via e-mail to or call +372 6886886

6. Company information

6.1 Zone Media LLC, Address: Lõõtsa 5, Tallinn Estonia; Phone +372 6886886; E-Mail:; VAT identifier: EE100603734.