The .SE rules

1. Special conditions

1.1 ZONE offers .SE domain names in cooperation with Ascio Technologies Inc, an accredited registrar of the Swedish domain Registry (II-stiftelsen).

2. Applicable rules

2.1 The following rules apply to all .SE domains and operations with .SE domains:

3. Services and prices for .SE domain name registration a ZONE

3.1 Information about registration fees is available at

4. Information on the treatment of personal information

4.1 ZONE treats personal information in accordance with the Swedish Law on Personal Information (personuppgiftslagen – 1998:204) and in line with the contents of the Annex B of the II-stiftelsen current Registrar Agreement.

5. Opening Hours

5.1 ZONE answers to incoming support requests Monday-Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 (UTC+2). You can submit your inquiries via e-mail to or call +372 6886886

6. Company information

6.1 Zone Media LLC, Address: Lõõtsa 5, Tallinn Estonia; Phone +372 6886886; E-Mail:; VAT identifier: EE100603734.