Special conditions of the virtual private server service contract

1. Description of the service

1.1. The virtual private server service or VPS or CloudServer (hereinafter the Service) is a Server Service, in case of which the Client gets into its use a Virtual Server according to the package chosen by the Client.

1.2. The opportunity of the Client to install and use the Client’s software on the Virtual Server constitutes a part of the Service.

1.3. The technical parameters of the Service depend on the package chosen by the Client. Detailed information about the Service is available at https://www.zone.ee.

2. Service support

2.1. The Client can get help upon the use of the Service from the Zone website at https://www.zone.ee, e-mail address info@zone.ee and phone (+372) 688 6886.

3. Contract term termination of the contract

3.1. The Service Contract is entered into for an unspecified term.

3.2. The Client is entitled to cancel the Service Contract at any time without applying the term for advance notice provided by the General Conditions of Zone.

4. Liability

4.1. The liability of Zone upon providing the Service is limited to the cost of the Service during one month.