Zone celebrates its 11th birthday

Today, 11 years ago, Zone Media started its operation and is now one of the leading Internet infrastructure and supporting services providers of Estonia.

„11 years have passed by quickly, because the IT sector is evolving fast and the needs of our customers grow every day, so we need to keep abreast with the time and even be a little in front,“ says company’s managing director Martti Varik. „Ending year has brought us one of the biggest challenges in the company’s history, as the Estonian domain reform led us to create many specific technological solutions, and it also added new functions to our staff.“

The domain reform started in 5th July this year and more than 11000 customers have registered their domain in Zone by the new rules. „We have handled the challenge well, because Zone has carried out nearly half of the domain registrations made in Estonia,“ Varik adds. “This positive result doesn’t let us to rest on laurels, because the majority of the domains’ registered before the reform is still not renewed. This means daily work with our customer base to help them all re-register their domains before 5th January next year“.

„In addition to the domain reform, this year is very important for us for one more reason. We launched a new ZoneID user system, which demanded lot of development and testing. It’s just the beginning of a long process and next year we hope to merge next developments to it,“ tells Varik about the future plans.

Zone Media also joined European Union’s EU registrars programme “Code of Conduct“(COC) and Fair Pricing Agreement this year. The company employs 19 people and its main services are web hosting, rent of virtual servers and dedicated hosting, domain registration, outsourcing for telecommunication companies and many of the services aimed for private customers.