aquires HAvirtual and Random Invest LLC have signed a deal, by which acquires Random Invest’s cloud service operations in Western Europe.

Estonia’s largest hosting provider has acquired the hosting service operations of Random Invest LLC, which until now have been offered under the HAvirtual brand. The deal comes as a part of’s strategy to expand its operations and infrastructure to Western Europe. will finish creating its facilities in Amsterdam during the 1st half of 2014.

“HAvirtual is glad to relay our customers to a trustworthy and experienced party, who has the capability to offer a very high standard of service,” commented Random Invest LLC’s board member Jaanus Kivistik.

“By expanding our operations to the digital heart of Europe, which Amsterdam undoubtedly is, we want to gain new customers from the Western European market, but it is equally important for us to offer new capabilities to our Estonian clients,” explained CEO Riho Kurg.

Most of HAVirtual customers have been Estonian start-ups, who operate on the global market, and has has been well received as a new partner.

“Estonia’s success in the world depends on how strong we can be when we work together – by entering export markets together, we will greatly increase our chances of success. SignWise, a pioneer in cross-border electronic signatures, sees great value in the joint export of Estonian cloud services. Additionally if we are hosted at the cross-roads of European data networks, we are much closer to our customers,” SignWise’s CEO Tiit Anmann commented.

“Recent events in Ukraine have unexpectedly given a security dimension to our plans,” Riho Kurg added. “Geographically distributed secure cloud services may have a major role in Estonia’s corporate and national continuity.” was founded in 1999, and is based on Estonian capital. provides internet presence services to small and medium sized companies in Estonia, and is the country’s largest domain registrar and hosting provider.

Random Invest LLC is an IT services company founded by early Skype employees Edgar Maloverjan and Jaanus Kivistik in 2005, and has been providing hosting services under the HAvirtual brand.