Acceptable Use Policy for Zone Services

We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen us as your service provider! We value your patronage and are committed to meeting your expectations.

Our mission is centred around providing entrepreneurs and businesses with secure, affordable, and reliable online services.

With our services, you can:

  • Register domain names
  • Host e-mail addresses
  • Host websites
  • Host web-based applications
  • Host e-commerce stores
  • And much more

This document is a crucial part of our Terms of Service (ToS) and aims to ensure we share a mutual understanding about acceptable behaviour in our relationship with you.

We firmly believe in the power of respect when it comes to internet usage. So let’s delve into the “house rules” or Terms of Service.

Commitment to Respectful Behaviour

Firstly, let’s clarify how we treat you and your data.

In our traditional business model, we provide a service which you pay for. We do not exploit this relationship in any way that could be considered inappropriate by reasonable standards.


  • Sell your data or information about you to third parties
  • Surprise you with hidden charges
  • Trap you into unexpected long-term contracts
  • Aggressively upsell unnecessary products or services

In return, we ask that YOU BE CONSIDERATE towards other customers as well as us – remember the Internet is a shared resource where selfishness often causes more harm than good.

Compliance with Laws

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for all content stored or processed on our servers.

You MUST NOT use our services for activities deemed illegal within the European Union or its member states nor anything infringing upon our’ or third parties’ rights.

Avoid Causing Harm

Your actions (or lack thereof) MUST NOT disrupt our services or cause harm to anyone or their property.

No Abuse of Services

We reserve the right to determine if your actions are abusive towards others.

You MAY NOT use or store applications or scripts on our platform that:

  • Compromise our security
  • Compromise others’ security
  • Send Spam emails (remember, the recipient decides what is considered spam)
  • Provide services that increase the risk of illegal activities by third parties
  • Mine blockchain
  • In any way hinder Zone’s ability to provide its services

Responsible Use of AI Features

Some of our services utilise generative AI technologies for content creation. Please note that the output depends on YOUR input and instructions. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or appropriateness of generated content.

You are responsible for ensuring all generated content is accurate, ethical, and respectful towards others’ rights. You agree not to generate unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, invasive, hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable content using our Service.

Before publishing your website replace any AI-generated names addresses phone numbers email addresses with accurate information.

Our Right To Suspend Services

If you breach these rules we reserve the right to suspend your access until issues have been rectified.

Maintain Security

Please ensure good information security practices in line with today’s digital age standards. We will do everything possible from our end by maintaining a secure platform as default but it’s also important you keep your applications updated regularly to back up data hosted on servers while most include a backup component we recommend additional backups for added safety in case ours aren’t available due unforeseen circumstances

Backups Explained

Let’s talk about how backups work at Zone Media:

Regular backups come standard with most managed services including web hosting here’s what you need to know about our policy:

  • A backup of customer resources is created every 24 hours
  • Backups are stored for 14 days at a separate physical location
  • After 14 days, backups are destroyed

Advanced backups apply to services based on distributed data storage:

  • Data is stored in two different physical locations
  • Even if deleted by the customer, data remains available for restoration for 14 days
  • After 14 days, deleted data is destroyed

Your service plan includes a certain amount of storage space for backed-up data. If you need more, it can be purchased separately.

Acceptable e-mail usage limits

Limits Value
Recipients via SMTP within 24 hours 2000
Forwards sent via SMTP within 24 hours 10000
Automatic replies sent within 24 hours 2000
Number of recipients per e-mail 400
Number of messages sent to a unique recipient within 1 hour 100
Number of incoming messages per minute 60
Failed logins per second 12
Number of IMAP concurrent connections per user 25
Mails listed via POP3 per connection 250
The volume of data downloaded via IMAP within 24 hours 10 GiB
The volume of data downloaded via POP3 within 24 hours 10 GiB
The volume of data uploaded via IMAP within 24 hours 5 GiB

Acceptable shared hosting SQL usage limits

Limit Value
Maximum number of rows in a MySQL/MariaDB database 50 000 000