Zone Media’s Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome, dear customer!

Thank you, for choosing us as your service provider! We appreciate your business and hope to live up to your expectations.

As you may already know, it is our mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses online in a secure, economic and reliable manner.

With us, you can:

  • register domain names
  • host e-mail addresses
  • host websites
  • host web-based applications
  • host e-commerce stores
  • etc.

This document forms an integral part of our Terms of Service (ToS).

It is the purpose of this document to make sure, that we have a common understanding regarding what is and is not acceptable or expected behaviour in our relationship with you.

We strongly believe that the Internet performs best when everyone is respectful of each other.

So, let’s get down to defining the “house rules” or our Terms of Service.

Mutual commitment to proper and respectful behaviour

First, let’s clear some air regarding our behaviour towards you and your data.

We run an old-fashioned business, we provide you with a service and you pay for said service. We do not take advantage of our relationship in a way that might be modern, but which might be deemed nefarious by reasonable people.


  • sell your data to third parties
  • sell data about you to third parties
  • ambush you with hidden fees
  • unexpectedly lock you into service
  • overtly aggressively up-sell you stuff, that you don’t actually need.

In return, we ask you to BE CONSIDERATE towards your fellow customers and to us, your service provider. The Internet and our platform are shared resources, selfishness and greed usually cause more problems when they are worth.

Act lawful

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for everything that you store, run or process on our servers.

You MUST NOT use our services for:

  • anything considered illegal in the European Union or its member states
  • anything that violates our rights or the rights of third parties.

Don’t damage anyone or anything

Your action (or inaction) MUST NOT disturb or hinder the normal operation of our services or cause damage to anyone or their property.

Do not abuse our services

As the party holding the relevant technical information, we reserve the right to decide whether your action (or inaction) may count as abusive toward others.

You MAY NOT use or store applications or scripts on our platform that are used to:

  • compromise our security
  • compromise the security of others
  • send Spam (Junk) e-mail (remember, it is the recipient who determines what is Spam)
  • provide services that raise the risk, that our platform can be used for illegal purposes by third parties (open proxies, TOR nodes, DDoS amplifiers etc)
  • mine blockchain
  • hinder Zone’s ability to offer our services in any other way.

Our right to suspend your services

If your actions are in breach of the rules above, we have the right to suspend services offered to you, until the issue has been corrected.

Be secure

Please maintain a good information security posture, appropriate for our digital age. We will try to help you as much as possible, by keeping our platform secure by default.

Keep your applications up-to-date. We vigilantly monitor the layers of the software stack under our management for security and functionality related updates and deploy them regularly, according to our risk assessments, we suggest you do the same.

Regularly back up the data, you host on our servers. Most of our services include a backup component, which means that we make regular backups of your data. However, we maintain that you also back your important data, so that you are able to recover if our backups are not available for whatever reason.


While we are on the subject of backups, maybe it is a good time to explain how our backups work.

There are two types of backup schemes in use by us.

Regular backups are included with most of our managed services, including web hosting and the following applies to our backup policy:

  • one backup must be created of a customer resource in a 24H time window;
  • the backup must remain usable for restoration for 14 days;
  • the backup must be stored at a separate physical location;
  • the backup must be destroyed after 14 days.

Advanced backups are used for services that are based on distributed data storage:

  • a copy of the data must exist in storage at two physical locations (minimum);
  • a copy of the data must remain usable for restoration in storage for 14 days, even if the customer deletes it at the application level;
  • after 14 days the deleted data must be destroyed.

Your service plan will include a set amount of storage for backed up data, but you can purchase more if needed.

Acceptable resource use limits

Limits Value
Recipients via SMTP within 24 hours 2000
Forwarding via SMTP within 24 hours 10000
Automatic replies within 24 hours 2000
Number of recipients per letter 400
Number of messages sent to a unique recipient within 1 hour 100
Number of incoming messages per minute 60
Failed logins per second 12
Number of IMAP concurrent connections 25
POP3 maximum number of messages 250
Volume of data downloaded via IMAP within 24 hours 10 GiB
Volume of data downloaded via POP3 in 24 hours 10 GiB
The volume of data uploaded via IMAP within 24 hours 5 GiB

Limits in web browsing SQL

Limits Väärtus
Maximum number of rows in a MySQL/MariaDB database 50 000 000