Zone offers Microsoft operating systems for Dedicated Servers


The Dedicated Server service, in which client leases a server hardware from the service provider along with internet connection and hosting, just got another significant feature. Namely, it is now possible to let Zone pre-install Windows Server OS on a Dedicated Server and lease the right to use other Microsoft server services.

All this is possible because Zone recently joined with Microsoft Partner Network and through its Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program we can offer Microsoft software to our customers.

There are some significant advantages while renting software along with a Dedicated Server:

  • – the usage of the latest versions of the software;
  • – no need of the initial extensive capital investment;
  • – license is term-less and in case of cancellation of the server, costs associated with software disappear.

For more information about Dedicated Servers and special offers go to Dedicated Servers section on our website.