CloudServer PRO SSD – fast, fault-tolerant and extremely flexible


CloudServer PRO SSD is a fault-tolerant cloud computing service, which uses extremely fast SSD disks for data storage.

For whom?

The service is intended for exporting professionals seeking for a platform to house business critical solutions.


The benefits of CloudServer PRO SSD include speed, high availability and usage based pricing – you pay for what is used.

CloudServer PRO SSD prices

The CloudServer PRO SSD service is based on elastic resources and is priced in accordance to cloud computing principles.

You can find hourly prices and cost estimates in the tables below. Monthly cost estimates are based on 30 days.

With VAT No
hour day month
1 CPU vCore 0,0100000,012000 0,2400000,288000 7.2000008.640000
1 RAM MB 0,0000050,000006 0,0001200,000144 0,0036000,004320
1 GB of SSD disk storage 0,0003000,000360 0,0072000,008640 0,2160000,259200
1 GB of backup storage 0,0001400,000168 0,0033600,004032 0,1008000,120960
1 GB of template storage 0,0001400,000168 0,0033600,004032 0,1008000,120960
1 IPv4 address 0,0030000,003600 0,0720000,086400 2.1600002.592000
ZoneOS platform and support 0,0555560,066667 1.3333331.600000 40,00000048.000000

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Usage based prices

With VAT No
3 GB outgoing traffic per client per hour 0,00 €0,00 €
Every 1 GB of outgoing over 3 GB per hour 0,05 €0,06 €

Monthly prices for Microsoft licenses

With VAT No
Windows Server 2016 Standard 54 €58.74 €
Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition 1 CPU Core 13.93 €16.72 €
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 1 user 24.08 €28.89 €
Remote Desktop Services 1 user 7.15 €8.1 €

The operating system license is associated with the server automatically, for additional licensing needs, please contact

Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client. Backup restorations made on request of the client are billed as 0,5 hours of work, not the actual restoration time.