New .EE domain regulation starts in July

Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) has announced 5th of July as a starting date for new .ee domain regulation. This reform makes .ee domains available for private Estonian and foreign persons plus business and private persons can register several domains.

During this reform EIF will take over the .ee domain administration from EENET who has been .ee domain registry since the launch of .ee domains. EIF has announced the fee of .ee domain for accredited registrars and retail price will evolve on the market for all .ee domains (existing and new). According to new reform domain registration will endure one year and after that it must be renewed.

Domain registration will be available through authorized accredited registrars like Zone Media.

This new regulation will affect also to existing .ee domain owners who will have 6 months transition period. During this time domain holders must choose registrar and renew their domain order.