Zone joined the .EU “Code of Conduct” programme

Zone Media has joined the European Union top-level domain “Code of Conduct” (CoC)  programme for accredited .eu registrars.

Registrars who have subscribed to the Code of Conduct will offer a superior level of service by following the principles outlined in the Code. These registrars are identifiable by the .eu Code of Conduct logo they are allowed to display on their websites.

Why is the Code of Conduct necessary?

• To recognize registrars offering a best in class service;
• To promote accountability within the registrar community;
• To deal with issues that are inherent to the domain name industry but that are difficult to regulate adequately in a legal context;
• To allow the public to make an informed choice when choosing which registrar to work through when registering their .eu domain name.

Zone has acted in accordance to the code for a long time, but officialy subscribing to it will give our customers a feeling of extra security.

Learn more about CoC: