Zone Media renews DataZone

September 29, 2003

The DataZone environment, that Zone Media created for its customers about two years ago has been through a remarkable renewal process, becoming much easier and more powerful.

We can boldly say that the decision we made two years ago was a right one, gaining the trust of existing and future users. This trust has enabled us to become Estonias leading service provider in our field, this is supported by the facts that Zone Media handles more then a third of all new domain registrations in the Estonian ccTLD and also that we host 20% of all the domains in the Estonian ccTLD.

After the first release of DataZone, we started working towards the next release right away. Two years of brainstorming, heated arguments, compromises, thousands of hours of programming and testing later we are enrolling out the fruits of our labour. Naturally we have refined all the features from the previous versions, but we have also added many functions that were requested by our customers, partners and ourselves.

In addition to the changes in the technical side of things we have also made some notable changes in the business side. We have merged many of our service packages and have given them a slight facelift. “EE30” service package was renamed to “I” , the “EE80” package was named “II”. We have also added a new package “III” which is focused towards the demanding e-business market.

We have unified the service packages for the Estonian ccTLD and other TLD’s. Now all the service packages are independent of the top level domain used. The “COM30” package was merged into the “II” service package, giving the customers more resources and functions then ever before.

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