A new web-based file management feature launches

Transmission of information is one of the key components of any Webhosting service. As of today, a new file transmission tool is available for our customers.

The most popular method of file delivery from point A to point B in our field is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and the ability to connect to the FTP service via a web-based application has proven to be a very popular feature.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have launched a worthy successor to our current web-based FTP file management tool. It can be found at https://files.zone.ee and is based on AjaXplorer.

We have also taken a number of steps in improving the usability of our file management features. Namely, now the administrator of a hosting service can manage files on his virtual server without additional FTP authentication being required. A link to file management can now be found on the Webhosting Control Panel and on the service overview page.

Additional useful features that come with the new tool include the following:

– concurrent upload of multiple files, including a drag-and-drop feature;

– text files can be edited directly in file management tool, using a web-based source code editor which also supports code syntax highlighting;

– images on a server can be previewed, streamed and edited in an image editor tool.