Zone Virtual Server is the best choice for hosting your email and blog, website or e-shop.

The fastest web servers on the market, one-click installation of WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla and other web applications, as well as ZoneCloud and 5GB of space to manage and share files with every email account.


  • Yearly billing Yes With VAT No
  • Disk space
  • Mailboxes
  • Maximum size of a mailbox
  • Number of websites
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Node.js, Go etc. support
  • HTTPS + free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificates
  • Websockets and port forwarding support
  • Own IP address
  • A suitable choice for
  • Starter

    3,67 €+VAT/month

    norm. 7,34 €+VAT

    8,40 €+VAT

  • 256 GiB
  • Unlimited
  • 8 GiB
  • Unlimited
  • The most reasonable and suitable choice for your first website to help you get visible online.Order
    30 day money back guarantee
    only applies for the basic web hosting package
Customers favourite
  • Business

    6,47 €+VAT/month

    norm. 12,94 €+VAT

    14,56 €+VAT

  • 512 GiB
  • Unlimited
  • 12 GiB
  • Unlimited
  • Best choice for a growing e-business, more power to serve large numbers of website visitors simultaneously.Order
    30 day money back guarantee
    only applies for the basic web hosting package
  • Pro

    10,64 €+VAT/month

    norm. 21,28 €+VAT

    23,86 €+VAT

  • 1 TiB
  • Unlimited
  • 16 GiB
  • Unlimited
  • On request
  • The best choice for a WooCommerce or Magento online store or portal with high traffic.
    30 day money back guarantee
    only applies for the basic web hosting package

Zone is the largest hosting provider in Estonia:

25 years of experience – nearly 50 000 web servers – more than 145 000 domains


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Zone Web Hosting includes:

Separate servers for the web, database and email provide better security and availability

One-click installation of WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, etc. makes it easy to create your own website

Daily backups for the last 14 days

Helpful and experienced customer support: phone, email and chat

Free of charge help with website and email migration when moving to Zone

Every e-mail account gets ZoneCloud access and 5 GiB storage 

Simple and easy-to-use web hosting management in My Zone control panel

Easily manageable Smart Dedicated Server as needs grow

Why Zone?

Reliable 25 years of experience, nearly 50 thousand virtual servers, more than 145 thousand domains and 65 thousand satisfied customers
Dependable All systems are monitored 24/7/365 and our IT team is always ready to act
Reserv capacity A constantly upgraded server park ensures a fast site operation that can withstand a large number of simultaneous visitors
Expandable In case you need extra functionality that Shared Web Hosting does not provide, it is easy to upgrade to a CloudServer (VPS)
Growth If the virtual server is not enough, the next step is a Smart Dedicated Server, which is just as easy to use
Stress-free Easy-to-use and convenient My Zone control panel for managing domains, servers and web-applications, so that the web hosting we offer exactly meets your needs 24/7
Zone+ WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and more than 30 other web applications can be installed in single-click
ZoneCloud Every email account gets ZoneCloud, a file sharing solution similar to Dropbox, and 5 GB of disk space
Secure update Web applications installed using Zone+ are always backuped before the update and data can be restored with single-click
Easy transfer Ask for a free of charge assistance with website and email migration when moving to Zone