Phishing campaign targeting Zone clients – 26.10.2020 from ca 17:50

We have detected a phishing campaign targeting Zone clients – our engineers are adjusting our spam filters to block incoming mail.

Our advice is as usual:

  • if you get e-mail pictured below please delete it
  • if you did reply to email or clicked on link and entered your email + password – please report the incident to your IT support and our helpdesk

Temporary change at office work

We have temporarily suspended customer service in our office.  All our electronic channels work as usual. All operations can be done via phone, chat, online self-service or e-mail. Contact information:

Customer support on business days 09.00 – 17.00 (timezone EET/EEST):
Phone Support: +372 688 6886

All systems monitored and incidents handled 24/7, current status visible at

Zone applies new price list for web-hosting services

We are grateful to Estonian companies, individuals, government entities and  organizations for trusting us more than any other web-hosting provider.

We have worked hard – so our customers always have a modern hardware, high-speed network connections and the most helpful customer service. We are constantly contributing to our services meet the requirements of to the fastest-changing world of the best information security practices and helping our clients reduce the risks associated with their data processing.

Due to the rise of payment services and the wider introduction of e-invoicing, our Web Hosting package prices will change for those who use shorter payment period than a year.

Prices for clients who use annual billing period will remain the same. If you have chosen shorter payment period and would like to change it, please write to

New prices for web hosting services are, starting from 1st of February 2020:

 – Plan I 6,50 € per month (7,80 € with VAT), special price with annual subscription 5,55 € per month (6,66 € with VAT)
 – Plan II 12,00 € per month (14,40 € with VAT), special price with annual subscription 10,55 € per month (12,66 € with VAT)
 – Plan III 20,30 € per month (24,36 € with VAT), special price with annual subscription 18 € per month (21,60 € with VAT)

Previously issued invoices will remain valid until the end of the billing period.

If you are using e-invoice, please check the limits. Manually set standing orders need to be updated to match the new invoice amount.

We will continue our efforts to make our service even more user-friendly, secure and fulfilled with different options. renews contracts on November 1st 2019

New Terms of Service will apply to our services on November 1st 2019. Updates apply to the Central User Agreement clause 6.8, that regulates conditions of termination of the Service and the General Terms and Conditions for Server Services clause 4, which regulates servers maintenance and troubleshooting. New contracts can be found at

For new customers, the Terms of Service will take effect on November 1st 2019.

For the existing customers new Terms of Service will take effect on the 1st December 2019. If the client doesn’t agree with the changes, customer has the right to terminate the contract until 30. november 2019 by sending us an e-mail at If the terms are acceptable, there is no need to take any actions. The renewed terms between the customer and Zone are in effect from December 1, 2019.

We advise you to read the new contracts thoroughly. If you have any questions, please call our customer service (+372) 688 6886 increases Virtual Server resources up to 5x

Zone Media increases resources offered in all Virtual Server packages for both new and existing clients and completes move of shared hosting services to fast SSD storage on 17.05.2016. Update of software platform complements that with adding support for faster HTTP/2 protocol – already supported by browsers of 75% of visitors – to packages that support HTTPS. Prices remain unchanged.

Most visible change is increase in offered storage space – Package I increases from 50GB to 128GB or 2,56x, Packages II and III have new limits at 256GB and 512GB growing 3,4x and 5,12x. More space is accompanied by rising limits of usage – increasing maximum size of mailbox (now 8-16GB) and database (4-12GB). For clients hosting multiple web applications on same account number of databases increases as well, allowing on Package I and II 16 and 32 and on Package III unlimited databases.

While numbers are easy to compare changes in technology should deserve more attention, influencing actual use of the websites. Gentle push that started in 2014 from Chromium is bringing us closer to moment, when “green padlock” that means secure HTTPS connections will be succeeded by marking all HTTP-connections non-secure. Read more: Marking HTTP As Non-Secure and Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted.

To make transitioning to HTTPS easier we have added support of free and automatically renewed Let’s Encrypt certificates that can be installed with couple of clicks even by non-technical users and support for HTTP/2 protocol that among other features speeds up communication between web server and browser. Possibility to send all resources needed for displaying a web page in single response improves user experience specially on mobile sites.

We at Zone are confident, that now is the right moment to log into MyZone account, enjoy the view of increased limist and change your shared hosting package to one that supports HTTPS and HTTP/2. Short instruction showing the moves of package change and enabling HTTPS can be found in the video – and our customer support is happy to help in case you need assistance.

Fast .EE domain registration for foreign nationals


If you wish to register a .EE domain name and have your request be filled as soon as possible you must follow the following recommendations:

  • * register the domain name in your own name (the name of an individual);
  • * make yourself both the administrative contact and the technical contact of the domain name;
  • * pay for the domain name via a PayPal verified account with the same name.

If you do this, your application will be streamlined through the order process.

There are two main reasons why you should do this:

If a domain name is ordered in the name of a company, the administrative contact needs to present a letter of attorney from the company, authorising the operation. It takes time to verify this document. You probably do not want to waste that time.

All domain name orders must be signed OR authorised via a transfer from a PayPal verified account belonging to either the domain registrar or administrative contact. It is not possible for a foreigner to sign the application – you must use the PayPal option.

You can start the domain registration process at: will lower .EE domain registration and renewal prices

On the 1st of January 2016 will lower registration and renewal prices for domains in the Estonian national top level domain.

Starting January the 1st 2016, the registration and renewal of domain names ending in .EE will cost 11.04 € instead of the previous 13.14 €. is the largest registrar of .EE top level domain names. Additionally Zone has directly interfaced with national top level domain registries in Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Zone also provides domain registrations in a number of generic top level domains.

Prices include VAT. You can start registering a .EE domain name at introduces an affordable website security monitoring service


The largest Estonian hosting provider and Cumulo Information System Security GmBH (Cumulo) have jointly brought Nimbusec – a website security monitoring service – to the Estonian market.

Nimbusec offers website owners information regarding security problems and attacks, helping users avoid incidents and damages. Nimbusec identifies popular malware, backdoors and configuration errors – including out of date content management systems.

“During the last few months, we have had hundreds of attacks against Estonian websites come to light. Largely thanks to accompanying defacements. Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of these incidents go unnoticed for weeks or months. Unfortunately this time period is used by criminals to attack internet users and to steal website owners data,” commented Ardi Jürgens one of the board members of “Nimbusec helps minimise the period during which the homepage owner and users are vulnerable due to lack of information,” he added.

Cumulo’s partner relations development manager Alexander Mitter described Nimbusec’s mission: “Cyber attacks are not only aimed at high profile targets anymore, it is a phenomenon that targets the whole society. The mission of Nimbusec is to stay a step ahead of the criminals, watch over our clients websites and alert them when problems arise. This way we help our customers avoid financial and reputation loss. Partnership with, one of the leaders in its field in Baltics, allows us to bring our services to Estonian entrepeneurs.”

Nimbusec security monitoring is available for all websites hosted at The prices for service plans start at 1.99€ per website.

Zone Media LLC, the largest hosting provider and domain registrar in Estonia was founded in 1999. Co-operation with Cumulo Information System Security GmBH is part of the company’s initiative to bring additional services from international vendors to customers in Estonia.

Cumulo Information System Security GmBH is an Austrian-based cloud service headquartered in Linz that monitors webspaces and domains for malware, defacement and blacklisting.

Possible disruptions in the work of web-hostings on the night of November 12th

On the night of November 12th Zone relocates its servers to another data centre, and as a result, 30-60 minutes disruptions may occur and customers won’t be able to access their virtual servers.

Relocation of the servers is associated with the change of roles of the Tallinn data centres and to increase the overall fault-tolerance.

Zone moved to a new office

Starting this week our office is situated in a new building. We still operate in Ülemiste City, but from now on we welcome our clients at Lõõtsa 5 (5th floor). The office opening hours remain the same and we are opened on business days from 9AM to 5PM.

Welcome to our new office!