Fast .EE domain registration for foreign nationals


If you wish to register a .EE domain name and have your request be filled as soon as possible you must follow the following recommendations:

  • * register the domain name in your own name (the name of an individual);
  • * make yourself both the administrative contact and the technical contact of the domain name;
  • * pay for the domain name via a PayPal verified account with the same name.

If you do this, your application will be streamlined through the order process.

There are two main reasons why you should do this:

If a domain name is ordered in the name of a company, the administrative contact needs to present a letter of attorney from the company, authorising the operation. It takes time to verify this document. You probably do not want to waste that time.

All domain name orders must be signed OR authorised via a transfer from a PayPal verified account belonging to either the domain registrar or administrative contact. It is not possible for a foreigner to sign the application – you must use the PayPal option.

You can start the domain registration process at: