EE domain price reduced by 2 euros

As Estonian Internet Foundation announced last year reduced price and updated Domain Regulation of EE domain will apply from today.

The biggest change is that from now on the EE domain can be registered for up to three years instead of one year as it was so far. At Estonian biggest domain registrar Zone Media the EE domain registration fee for one year is 19.74 euros, for two years 38.28 euros and for three years 55.62 euros (prices include VAT).

Other important changes are:

– Domain registration prices will be reduced by 2 euros. As we promised in November 2012 we will change our pricing policy and also drop the price by the same amount so that our clients can get the full benefit of the price change.

– New domain registration periods and prices will become available. If you register a domain name for two years, you will save 3 euros when compared with current pricing. If you register a domain name for three years, you will save 4 euros.

– If your domain name expires it will be deleted in 45 days, instead of the current 90 days.

– Domain registrations authorized via a bank transfer from an Estonian bank, will be handled instantly. Previously there has been a delay required by the registry.

You can check out the new domain registration terms at: