Important! A new email virus is spreading!

March 3, 2004

These last days a new type of e-mail virus, Beagle (W32.Beagle.F@mm), and its various versions have began to spread in massive amounts. The characteristic feature of this virus is a password-encoded ZIP file as an attachment to an e-mail. Upon running of the EXE file included in this ZIP file, the virus becomes active and starts spreading itself. NB! This EXE file has the icon of a folder, thus it can mislead common users, inviting them to double-click on it in good faith.

NB! As the virus is packed into a password-encoded ZIP file, antivirus filters of e-mail servers are unable to detect it. On the other hand, local antivirus programs should be able to detect the infected files.

You can get a more detailed overview of the virus here:
Beagle.F Beagle.G Beagle.H Beagle.I Beagle.J

We remind you again that in any situation you should not open any attached files of e-mail messages if you have even the slightest doubt about the origin of such file or message. This applies especially in case of messages in foreign languages. Even if the sender seems familiar to you, it is advisable to delete such messages at once.

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