Trading a domain

To initialize the TRADE procedure for a domain, enter its name below:

The procedures involved in trading a domain can roughly devided into two categories that depend on the top level domain registry policies:

  • to change a domains owner one must only change the corresponding data;
  • to change the domains owner one must use a procedure during which a domain “changes hands”, this is called the TRADE.

Changing data to trade a domain

Usually a domain name can be exchanged by simply updating its information, if it belongs to one of the generic top level domains like .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc.

To do this enter the domain management interface using the link “My Zone” in the global menu, pick your domain and update its information.

Using the TRADE procedure the trade a domain

The users of the European Union, Estonian or other country code top level domains must usually go through the TRADE procedure to transfer the domain from one owner to another.

The key principles according to which the TRADE procedure is conducted are usually as follows:

  • the TRADE procedure is initiated by the party who wants to own the domain name in the future;
  • it is the responsibility of the domains current holder to approve or deny the TRADE request;
  • if the current holder of the domain does not approve of the transaction, the domain name will not exchange hands.