Web Hosting is an easy and affordable way to harness the power of the Internet


Web Hosting includes all the nescessary features you need, to make yourself visible on the internet: a web server, numerous mailboxes and much more.

For whom?

Web Hosting in suitable for everyone. It is used by entrepeneurs, corporations, private individuals and entities in the public sector. From the very small to the very big.


Zone Web Hosting is the most popular webhosting service in Estonia and includes many unique features along with an ample amount of resources.

Choose your service plan

Web Hosting includes:

a part of the Zone.ee server clouds resources

the Zone.ee software platform

a web server

a SQL database server

e-mail with a substantial number of mailboxes

a mailing list manager

data recovery in case of a technical failure

a web based control panel

one-click installer for WordPress

a server side antivirus and an anti-SPAM solution

a web-based e-mail client

an independent SMTP service

Responsibilities are divided as follows:


Server housing,
Internet connectivity,
Operating system,
Software platform,
Server management.

The client

Installing applications,
Managing applications.

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