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With VAT
Service planPackage IPackage IIPackage III
Bargain price
(monthly cost when paying yearly)
4.80 €5.76 €9.70 €11.64 €17.00 €20.40 €
Monthly price5.50 €6.60 €10.90 €13.08 €19.00 €22.80 €
Disk space128 GiB256 GiB512 GiB
Monthly transfer limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Alias domainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of e-mail accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of e-mail aliasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum size of one mailbox8 GiB12 GiB16 GiB
Number of mailing lists43264
DKIM signature (webmail & SMTP)+--
DKIM signature (webmail, SMTP & web server)-++
ZoneCloud workspace and 5 GiB space with each e-mail account+++
Number of FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of MariaDB databases
(compatible with MySQL)
New! Redis cache-256 MiB512 MiB
SSH support+++
HTTPS support+++
HTTP/2 support+++
Free Let's Encrypt certificatesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Beta Node.js web applications support+++
Lasting application memory usage (incl. Node.js)512 MiB768 MiB1024 MiB
Beta MongoDB support-++
Beta Websockets and port forwarding support--+
more performance2 x4 x
E-mail forwarding & copying+++
E-mail autoresponder+++
E-mail antivirus+++
E-mail spamfilter+++
POP3 access+++
IMAP access+++
Zone SMTP access+++
Web-based e-mail access+++
Maximum e-mail size25 MiB25 MiB25 MiB
Backup MX+++
FTP/FTPS access+++
Dedicated IP address--+
Estonian ID card support in applications--+
Cron jobs2510
Error_log access+++
Seadistatavad vealehed+++
PHP5 support+++
Zend Optimizer+++
Support for WAP pages+++
Number of PPU's50100200
Number of Inodes256000384000512000
MariaDB 10.1 support (MySQL 5.7 compatible)+++
Number of database users102030
Maximum database size4 GiB6 GiB12 GiB
External connections to database server+++
CGI application support+++
Server Side Includes support+++
DNS service+++
Web-based control panel for services+++
Custom MIME support+++
Daily backups ? +++
Zone creates backup copies of files and SQL data on the shared hosting accounts. The copies are preserved for 2 weeks each (i.e. at any given moment data from up to two weeks past can be restored). Data is restored via a backup copy in 48 hours.
With VAT
Additional servicesMonthly priceDaily price
ZoneCloud Premium 100 GiB storage2.50 €3.00 €-
An additional IP address2.67 €3.20 €-
Additional 5 cron jobs2.67 €3.20 €-
Additional 5 mailing lists2.67 €3.20 €-
Additional 500000 inodes10.00 €12.00 €-
Additional 1 GiB of MariaDB space4.17 €5.00 €-
Additional 5 MariaDB databases + 5 users2.67 €3.20 €-
Additional 10 GiB of storage to plan III10.60 €12.72 €-

Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client

Workdays 09.00-17.00 50 € 60 €
Workdays 17.00-23.00 factor 1.5 (75 €90 €)
Workdays 23.00-09.00 and on weekends factor 2.0 (100 €120 €)
Backup restorations made on request of the client are billed as 0,5 hours of work, not the actual restoration time.
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