Special conditions of the private server service contract

1. Description of the service

1.1. The private service (hereinafter the Service) is the Server Service where the Client gets one or more Physical Servers (hereinafter the Server) into its use according to the parameters agreed with the Client. The servers shall remain physically in the possession of Zone.

1.2. The Parties shall enter into a separate agreement concerning the particular technical and legal parameters of the Service and special agreements upon entry into the Service Contract.

2. Service support

2.1. The Client can get help upon the use of the Service from the Zone website at https://www.zone.ee, e-mail address info@zone.ee and phone (+372) 688 6886.

3. Service fee

3.1. The Client shall pay a fee to Zone on monthly basis as a prepayment according to the Price List of the package ordered, in case of special solutions according to the agreement of the Parties. A service subscription fee shall apply to subscribing for the Service.

3.2. The Client shall be refunded the Service fee for the days when the Service was inaccessible for more than two hours due to any circumstances caused by Zone (provided the Client notified the Client support of Zone of the interruption within 24 h).

3.3. Zone is entitled to suspend the provision of the Service immediately, if the Client’s liability to Zone for the service provided to the Client is more than ten (10) calendar days overdue.

4. Obligations of the parties

4.1. Zone is obliged:

4.1.1. To ensure as stable as possible provision of the Service to the Client;

4.1.2. To perform regular maintenance of the Server in case of need within up to two (2) hours per calendar month, which covers: a) solving of any current issues relating to the operation and administration of the Server; and b) repairing of any security holes in the software installed on the Server by Zone;

4.1.3. To repair any Server failures, except for failures caused by denial-of-service attacks, at the latest within one (1) working day from learning of the failure;

4.1.4. To perform continuous Server monitoring.

4.2. The Client is obliged:

4.2.1. To use only such IP addresses on the Server that have been approved by Zone;

4.2.2. Not to use the Server for providing proxy services.

5. Unscheduled maintenance

5.1. Unscheduled maintenance – additional works performed by Zone at the request of the Client for preserving, restoring, repairing or improving the Server performance, which may not cover complete maintenance or repairing of the Server components.

5.2. Zone undertakes to perform any unscheduled maintenance within one (1) working day from the receipt of the respective request of the Client.

5.3. Unscheduled maintenance shall be performed on working days during the period from 9:00 to 17:00.

5.4. The Client shall pay an additional fee for any unscheduled maintenance according to the agreement between the Parties.

6. Contract term

6.1. The Service Contract shall be entered into without a term, unless the Parties agree otherwise.

7. Contract form

7.1. Should Zone request it, the Service Contract, General Terms and any other applicable terms and conditions shall be entered into in a written form. In case the applicable terms and conditions are changed, these apply from the entry into force thereof, without executing any written agreement with regard to the amendments.

8. Liability

8.1. The liability of Zone upon providing the Service is limited to the cost of the Service during one month.