Free website migration

You’d move to Zone, but migrating e-mail and website gives headache?
Write to and tell the names of domains you’d want to move – we’ll find a solution!

How simple it is?

Write to and tell the names of domains you’d want to move 🙂

If you do know then also number and size of mailboxes, content management system used on web (for example: WordPress), number of additional campaign websites and sub-domains that might be in use.

Based on your information and everything we have been able to find we’ll send you specific instructions and arrange for secure transfer of usernames and passwords required for access.

Does migration cause e-mail or website service interruption?

Our instructions and migration processes are built for zero downtime.

When migrating e-commerce sites we advise setting them to maintenance mode for the duration of migration to ensure all orders are serviced on one location.

Webmail can be used until e-mail clients (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird) have been configured to use Zone servers.

Do I need to do something myself?

You need to register Zone user ID, agree with terms, order domain transfer and Shared Hosting service. Additionally we suggest you perform the creation of mailboxes to familiarize yourself with our self-service and inform your co-workers. We are happy to help with solutions for shared addresses (info@, sales@ etc), forwarding, mailing lists and other special features.

Does the size of website or mailboxes cause problems?

Nope. We have moved e-shops with gigabytes of product images, hundreds of mailboxes with tens of gigabytes of archives. There should be no problems if you have chosed suitably sized Shared Hosting package and old server has enough space to pack website contents.

Is there a limit for free migration?

Free migration is offered for new Shared Hosting servers (one domain or website per server, common web applications, mailboxes with IMAP access) taking half and hour of engineer’s work. If your setup is more complex, for example there are multiple applications or special solutions, we’ll agree on pricing the additional work – but our experience let’s us do the migrations faster than it would take you or your web developer.

What if my website is really, really old?

Let’s start by looking at your current setup – some web applications (WordPress) can be upgraded with a bit of extra work, some will require older PHP versions and potentially special configurations to protect their vulnerabilities from attacks. Dealing with antiques is possible, but we may end up agreeing, that it is not worth the investment.

How does it work, technically?

Presumably you have registered a domain and ordered web and e-mail hosting from somewhere. Additionally, name servers that tell web browsers and e-mail programs names and IP-addresses of your servers are in use.

  1. Domain migration or transfer requires “EPP authorization code”, sometimes also “domain unlocking” from current registrar and specifying “current nameservers” in Zone domain transfer order.
  2. Then Shared Hosting is ordered (still leaving name servers unchanged), Zone name servers are configured to match current name servers and then the domain is delegated (set to use) Zone nameservers.
  3. Website migration means copying files and database from old server to new, changin the IP of web in Zone name servers and ordering new free HTTPS certificate. Information about the change takes about an hour to propagate across internet.
  4. E-mail migration requires creation of mailboxes on new server, chaning mail server (MX) record in name servers to point to Zone servers and when that has propagated copying of mailbox contents from old server to new.

Web migration is usually done with Zone+, e-mail mailboxes are migrated using special server-side application (imapsync).