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How to start an online store?

The first option is that you are just as ingenious as Slavik in your Dirham store at Noarootsi, you just take pictures of real store products and share them on Facebook 🙂 But there are some more options, read further!


Another option is that you have a computer and some free time to make a real online shop. Let’s get started!


What do I need for starting?

Pick your domain and order suitable Web Hosting package. Our suggestion is WordPress + WooCommerce that is widely used in the world and also in Estonia. It is easy to expand and almost every web developer in Estonia have experience with it. You can install WordPress with Zone +, then add a theme and necessary plugins.

Need proof, that an online business is the future?

DPD Group has spent already four years on researching, how European e-shoppers behave and the results are unambiguous even under normal circumstances. According to the DPD survey, active e-shoppers in Estonia estimate that online shopping saves time (76% of respondents agree), helps to save money (66% of respondents agree) and also helps to avoid the stress of going to regular stores (55% respondents agree) and nowadays will keep them healthy aswell #staysafe

Entire setup takes no more than 30 minutes.

Check out the simple video instructions on the Poose.EU page. You will get an overview of:

  • How to install WordPress using the Zone +
  • How to Install WooCommerce
  • How to Choose and Install a Design Template
  • How to Add Products
  • How to make a sample purchase: shopping cart> checkout> order, check the order on the management side, mark completed (after checking the receipt of the game at the bank).
  • How to Make a Menu
  • How to Expand Your Store with Plugins
  • Add bank links, card payments and parcel machines through the Payment Center

When to ask advise from web developer?

If you need your online store to be compatible with business software, it is wise to involve a development partner.

Why register a domain in Zone?

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Secure DNS servers in three locations and availability of DNSSEC
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Zone offers more than 370 top level domains:

conutry (.ee, .fi, .lv), generic (.com, .net, .org) and new (.beer, .design, .pink).


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