started reselling SSL certificates

Estonias largest domain registrar Zone Media LLC added security certificates from world’s leading security companies Symantec, Comodo and Geotrust to its portfolio of identity services.

“The Estonian National Digital Identity Card (ID card) has enabled Estonian entrepeneurs and state organizations to identify their clients or users via the Internet. SSL security certificates in turn will allow users safely identify their service provider,” commented CEO Riho Kurg the need for the service.

“Using a connection protected by a security certificate allows the customer to verify that their service provider is who it claims to be, and signifies an effort by the provider to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the customers data. It is worth stating that Estonian entrepeneurs take cyber security seriously, even before the formal launch of our service we have sold SSL certificates to hundreds of our customers,” he added.

SSL certificates sold by are based on public-key cryptography and are used in many secure network protocols. Connections secured by similar certificates are used by most of Internet users in Estonia, as the same technology is being used in Internet banks, the State Portal and e-Tax Board.

Zone Media LLC which operates under the trademark since 1999, is the largest domain registrar and hosting service provider in Estonia.