Zone launched its Virtual Private Server service

We have upgraded our website and have added a new service category – Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Virtual Private Servers offer our clients the option of renting server resources in a manner which offers them almost total control over their server instance.

We have tested numerous virtualization solutions extensively and over the past six months have run a private beta period, during which many VPS enthusiasts had the possibility of testing our services.

All feedback from the beta period has been positive.

During the development phase we paid special attention to our technical platform. In addition to the refreshed network infrastructure, VPS services boast a new hardware platform. In co-operation with specialists from Fujitsu, we chose Fujitsu blade servers and Fibre Channel storage devices as our new platform of choice. As a result the speed and performance of VPS services was brought to a whole new level.

VPS services provide a wide variety of possibilities for deployment. Here’s how some of our beta testers have used the service during beta-period: gaming servers, internet radio stations, version control systems and different web stacks (especially Ruby on Rails and Java) have been built upon our VPS servers.

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