Zone launched universal user identification ZoneID

Zone Media has started big project synchronizing its different services databases to make clients lives even more easier. The key factor for this process will be new user identification ZoneID which allows clients to access all their different services using one ID and in the near future Zone will implement more useful features into this system. This new user identification is not new, you can find similar systems around internet like Google Account, Microsoft LiveID, AppleID, YahooID etc.

First step

We joined DATA.ZONE.EE shared hosting and domain registration website WWW.ZONE.EU client databases that all clients can access both services with one same username and password.
ZoneID is easily accessible, login field situates on the top of WWW.ZONE.EE and WWW.ZONE.EU pages alongside ZoneID logo.
If users operate more than one Zone services they can now join all these under one ZoneID user account.  At the moment client must inform about this intention our helpdesk, but in the near future they will be able to do that using website control panel.

Note! Empty ZoneID user accounts will be deleted after few months when no services are attached to these accounts.

Next steps

In the near future we join ZoneID with following client databases:
•WWW.PLANET.EE payable web space
• free web space
• Z-POLL, Z-COUNTER and Z-BOOK free extra services

Paying customers’ life will be more simple when we have joined fully automated transaction system – like WWW.PLANET.EE and WWW.ZONE.EU systems have today, but with benefit that all transactions will be joined into one ZoneID. This process will be completed within few months and we make our best that it will be available ASAP.

ZoneID in brief

• Linked ZoneID services need only one username and password.
• Login will be done only one time and to enter other control panel login is not necessary.
• You can choose your own username.
• User can manage their data from one place.
• Transaction information will be in one place, changing data is more easy, finding lost incomes/invoices over many different services is not necessary.
• There will be flexible rights delegation system between ZoneID users.
• Benefits, discounts etc will apply to all used services.
• Possibility to link ZoneID with one or many Estonian ID card so that you need to login only entering ID cards PIN1 code.

Additional information is available via email or calling helpdesk 6 886 886 (working days between 9.00-17.00).