Zone now accepting pre-orders for ee-domains available as of April 6, 2011

As of today, Estonia’s largest domain registrant started to accept the pre-orders for ee-domains, which haven’t been re-registered during the Estonia’s top-level domain reform. There are approximately 38 000 domains that will become available.

„These are neglected domains, which is now expired and are therefore taken away from their current users and become available for new users to register. The main objective of the top-level domain reform was to make available all the unused resources,” explained Zone Media’s development manager Ardi Jürgens.

During the 6th of April, the ee-domain registry Estonian Internet Foundation will erase from the registry all these ee-domains, that haven’t been re-registered. According to Jürgens, many of these domains will be registered immediately to the new owners, since the release of many domains is anxiously awaited for a long time.

Everybody can apply for available domain names and they will be registered on a “first come, first served ” bases. This means, that the first registrant, whose application for the available domain will reach to the top-level domain register, will be the new owner of the domain,” Jürgens says.

Zone started to accept the pre-orders today in order to allow internet users sufficient time for choosing their preffered domain names and filling out applications.

Pre-orders for the available ee-domains can be submitted via website The list of available domains is in our blog: