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What .shop is?

.shop domain is short and striking top-level domain that is easily understood in many languages and cultures. It is good for selling services and products online, and offers many benefits for promoting your business, optimizing your keywords, using subdomains and domain referrals.

Many entrepreneurs need other ways to survive difficult times. E-shop is one good way to do this. According to Eurostat, in 2018, 69% of European internet users made an online purchase. Register a .shop domain now, great prices aren’t forever.


How to start an online store?

Creating an online store is easy and exciting. At first, select the software, download and configure it, add high quality product photos and write awesome product descriptions. And you can start selling!


How to choose the right platform?

We have put together a simple video examples to help you make your decision:

Magento – the Magento Community is open source platform that gives you the ability to customize the software for your business needs. Magento can tolerate heavy workload, it is easily scalable, has dynamic pricing ability, comprehensive software architecture and is safe.

WordPress + WooCommerce – if you want to add online store functionality to your site use Woo. It is easy and intuitive for WordPress users. There are many templates for the shop that can be customized conveniently.

PrestaShop – suits e-shops that are capacious (there are hundreds of products). PrestaShop is for you if you have been involved in managing websites and online stores before. PrestaShop has modules (paid plugins) for various features which are a bit more complicated to install than WooCommerce.

Voog –  is a suitable for building and managing exceptional websites and online stores. It is easy to use, yet super flexible at the same time. Anyone in need of modern and responsive website or online store can take advantage of Voog. No learning or computer skills are required to create and manage content with Voog. You pay monthly fee and and they keep everything up to date.

ShopRoller – is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that is suitable for the novice and the experienced merchant to grow and manage their business. It is easy to set up and manage content.


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