News connects tens of thousands of businesses to the cloud

Estonia’s largest web-hosting provider launched the cloud storage service ZoneCloud after a 7-month long beta period. The service enables’s web hosting clients to store and share their documents and other data on the service provider’s infrastructure.

ZoneCloud clients can manage their data via online web interface, as well as native clients, which are available for all popular operating systems. The new cloud service is also compatible with devices running Apple iOS and Google Android.

„We hope that a local alternative to services provided by global corporations encourages Estonian entrepreneurs to use cloud services more,“ commented Riho Kurg, the CEO of “In 2014, Eurostat has conducted a survey among companies with staff of more than ten people. In Estonia, only 15% of them used cloud services. This figure is far behind the leader – Finland, whose figure was 50%, while the average for the EU was 19%.”

“Based on Eurostat research it becomes clear that the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs are the safety and protection of data in the cloud, its location and the current laws in the country of the service provider. Our company’s place of origin, 15 years of experience in providing similar services and unique infrastructure in Estonia, help to reduce all these fears significantly,” added Kurg.

A free version of ZoneCloud, which currently allows each user to store up to 5 GB of files on the service, has been automatically assigned to all e-mail users at The number of such users at is above 120,000.

Zone began a cooperation with the German software developers ownCloud GmBH on 2013, to design and develop the ZoneCloud service. ZoneCloud applications for Windows and Mac, as well as for mobile devices based on Android and iOS, were developed in the process.

7-month long beta period preceded the launch of the service, during which feedback from clients was gathered and based on it, the platform was improved and adapted to Estonian conditions.

.EE domain prices will drop significantly next year

Beginning January 1st 2015, new .EE domain fees, announced in October by Estonian Internet Foundation, will take effect. As a result, .EE domain registration and renewal prices will drop significantly. At Estonian biggest domain registrar the .EE domain registration and renewal fee will be 13.14 euros for one year, 24.60 euros for two years and 34.74 euros for three years (VAT included).

Registration of a new domain only takes a few minutes and each domain includes free DNS records management. As one of the few registrars in Estonia, offers free DNSSEC cryptographic protection and triple DNS fault tolerance.

EURid Christmas campaign will take you on holiday

Today, EURid’s annual Christmas campaign began, the prizes of which, similarly to the previous year, are several vacations for two people:

  • * One week package for two in April 2015 at the Saturnia SPA in Tuscany (Italy);
  • * A four day package for two in April 2015 at the Castel Monastero resort in Tuscany (Italy).

In order to participate in the competition, register a .eu domain name ( between 27th November 2014 up and until 23rd December 2014. Answer two questions and enter the competition at using the domain name you registered.

Those who have answered first the two questions correctly will be awarded in prize order (starting from the top prize). If no correct answers are given, the prizes will be awarded to those whose answer is closest to the correct answer.

Zone offers Microsoft operating systems for Dedicated Servers


The Dedicated Server service, in which client leases a server hardware from the service provider along with internet connection and hosting, just got another significant feature. Namely, it is now possible to let Zone pre-install Windows Server OS on a Dedicated Server and lease the right to use other Microsoft server services.

All this is possible because Zone recently joined with Microsoft Partner Network and through its Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program we can offer Microsoft software to our customers.

There are some significant advantages while renting software along with a Dedicated Server:

  • – the usage of the latest versions of the software;
  • – no need of the initial extensive capital investment;
  • – license is term-less and in case of cancellation of the server, costs associated with software disappear.

For more information about Dedicated Servers and special offers go to Dedicated Servers section on our website.

CloudServers can now be ordered to Amsterdam

Starting this week all Zone clients can assign the location of the CloudServer during the order. You can choose between two data centers in Tallinn and new data center located in Amsterdam.

We have chosen Amsterdam as our new location due to its position at the intersection of Western European data highways and a very good competence in terms of quality of data centers services. In the same building with our CloudServers also stands a part of one of the world’s biggest internet hubs AMS-IX (

Several updates are also available in Zone services management panel. We have improved CloudServers resources management sliders and they now provide a better feedback after saving settings. Those customers, who have a special agreement in terms of resources, will see this notification on their dashboard. aquires HAvirtual and Random Invest LLC have signed a deal, by which acquires Random Invest’s cloud service operations in Western Europe.

Estonia’s largest hosting provider has acquired the hosting service operations of Random Invest LLC, which until now have been offered under the HAvirtual brand. The deal comes as a part of’s strategy to expand its operations and infrastructure to Western Europe. will finish creating its facilities in Amsterdam during the 1st half of 2014.

“HAvirtual is glad to relay our customers to a trustworthy and experienced party, who has the capability to offer a very high standard of service,” commented Random Invest LLC’s board member Jaanus Kivistik.

“By expanding our operations to the digital heart of Europe, which Amsterdam undoubtedly is, we want to gain new customers from the Western European market, but it is equally important for us to offer new capabilities to our Estonian clients,” explained CEO Riho Kurg.

Most of HAVirtual customers have been Estonian start-ups, who operate on the global market, and has has been well received as a new partner.

“Estonia’s success in the world depends on how strong we can be when we work together – by entering export markets together, we will greatly increase our chances of success. SignWise, a pioneer in cross-border electronic signatures, sees great value in the joint export of Estonian cloud services. Additionally if we are hosted at the cross-roads of European data networks, we are much closer to our customers,” SignWise’s CEO Tiit Anmann commented.

“Recent events in Ukraine have unexpectedly given a security dimension to our plans,” Riho Kurg added. “Geographically distributed secure cloud services may have a major role in Estonia’s corporate and national continuity.” was founded in 1999, and is based on Estonian capital. provides internet presence services to small and medium sized companies in Estonia, and is the country’s largest domain registrar and hosting provider.

Random Invest LLC is an IT services company founded by early Skype employees Edgar Maloverjan and Jaanus Kivistik in 2005, and has been providing hosting services under the HAvirtual brand.

Zone+ ” 2.0″

The new and more featured version of Zone+ “2.0” was opened in “My Zone” account management, where a lot of new applications and features were added.

Zone+ initiative was launched few years ago and was well received. Nowadays Zone+ is used by more than 6,500 servers and web pages of our customers.

The new version of Zone+ “2.0” was created as a result of the increased demand. There you can find many useful applications starting from the familiar WordPress (together with Drupal, Joomla and other content management applications) and ending with Magento, which is often used in e-commerce.

In addition to installing applications , Zone+ copes even with installing necessary updates and applications can now be copied from one place to another or moved between servers.

Due to the fact that Zone+ “2.0” is beta version, the older version of Zone+ can also be used.

EE domain prices down from January 1st

Beginning from January 1st, EE domain registration fee for one year is now 16,74€ instead of 19.74€ when registering through Estonian biggest domain registrar Zone Media. Registering EE domain for two years is 31.82€ instead of 38.28€ and for three years 45.54€ instead of 55.62€ (prices include VAT).

Starting from first day of 2014 multiple year registration fee includes also an extra discount from Zone.

Phone support in July and August

As we have done on previous years, we will slightly alter our customer service routines during our traditional vacation period. From the 1st of July to 31st of August our telephone support will be unavailable during the lunchbreak which starts at 12.00 and ends at 13.00 (GMT +3).

Also, we would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a great summer!