Zone offers Microsoft operating systems for Dedicated Servers


The Dedicated Server service, in which client leases a server hardware from the service provider along with internet connection and hosting, just got another significant feature. Namely, it is now possible to let Zone pre-install Windows Server OS on a Dedicated Server and lease the right to use other Microsoft server services.

All this is possible because Zone recently joined with Microsoft Partner Network and through its Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program we can offer Microsoft software to our customers.

There are some significant advantages while renting software along with a Dedicated Server:

  • – the usage of the latest versions of the software;
  • – no need of the initial extensive capital investment;
  • – license is term-less and in case of cancellation of the server, costs associated with software disappear.

For more information about Dedicated Servers and special offers go to Dedicated Servers section on our website.

CloudServers can now be ordered to Amsterdam

Starting this week all Zone clients can assign the location of the CloudServer during the order. You can choose between two data centers in Tallinn and new data center located in Amsterdam.

We have chosen Amsterdam as our new location due to its position at the intersection of Western European data highways and a very good competence in terms of quality of data centers services. In the same building with our CloudServers also stands a part of one of the world’s biggest internet hubs AMS-IX (

Several updates are also available in Zone services management panel. We have improved CloudServers resources management sliders and they now provide a better feedback after saving settings. Those customers, who have a special agreement in terms of resources, will see this notification on their dashboard.

EE domain prices down from January 1st

Beginning from January 1st, EE domain registration fee for one year is now 16,74€ instead of 19.74€ when registering through Estonian biggest domain registrar Zone Media. Registering EE domain for two years is 31.82€ instead of 38.28€ and for three years 45.54€ instead of 55.62€ (prices include VAT).

Starting from first day of 2014 multiple year registration fee includes also an extra discount from Zone.

Phone support in July and August

As we have done on previous years, we will slightly alter our customer service routines during our traditional vacation period. From the 1st of July to 31st of August our telephone support will be unavailable during the lunchbreak which starts at 12.00 and ends at 13.00 (GMT +3).

Also, we would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a great summer!

A new web-based file management feature launches

Transmission of information is one of the key components of any Webhosting service. As of today, a new file transmission tool is available for our customers.

The most popular method of file delivery from point A to point B in our field is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and the ability to connect to the FTP service via a web-based application has proven to be a very popular feature.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have launched a worthy successor to our current web-based FTP file management tool. It can be found at and is based on AjaXplorer.

We have also taken a number of steps in improving the usability of our file management features. Namely, now the administrator of a hosting service can manage files on his virtual server without additional FTP authentication being required. A link to file management can now be found on the Webhosting Control Panel and on the service overview page.

Additional useful features that come with the new tool include the following:

– concurrent upload of multiple files, including a drag-and-drop feature;

– text files can be edited directly in file management tool, using a web-based source code editor which also supports code syntax highlighting;

– images on a server can be previewed, streamed and edited in an image editor tool.

We have updated the capabilities of our webmail client

Our software developers and technicians have updated our webmail client to a new version, which enables new features and hopefully significantly improves the speed as well as the reliability of its use.

First of all we believe that all “cloud” based user data should be free and not “hostage” at the service providers systems. Thus, now all the contacts created in our webmail client can be exported in open formats. Personal contact data can be obtained as a CSV file, vCard or an archive containing vCards.




Another change concerns the features of the user’s email spam-filter. Until now only the spam-filter rules affecting the whole web-hosting account, could be changed in our control panel. Now each and every web-based email user is able to create email address and domain based black-lists, which apply in addition to the account spam-filters. Our webmail had some filtering functionality before, but these filters were applied when the customer logged in to the web-based email. The new spam-filters work constantly in the background.


Third, the recent problems of a large communications provider in Estonia, have made us look over the structure of our own email service. So we have decided to switch to a technology, that uses a replication of webmail data near real time between two separate servers with SSD RAID arrays. This has significantly improved the customer experience and increased the reliability of the system. In case of a major failure we should be able to restore our services even more efficiently. started reselling SSL certificates

Estonias largest domain registrar Zone Media LLC added security certificates from world’s leading security companies Symantec, Comodo and Geotrust to its portfolio of identity services.

“The Estonian National Digital Identity Card (ID card) has enabled Estonian entrepeneurs and state organizations to identify their clients or users via the Internet. SSL security certificates in turn will allow users safely identify their service provider,” commented CEO Riho Kurg the need for the service.

“Using a connection protected by a security certificate allows the customer to verify that their service provider is who it claims to be, and signifies an effort by the provider to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the customers data. It is worth stating that Estonian entrepeneurs take cyber security seriously, even before the formal launch of our service we have sold SSL certificates to hundreds of our customers,” he added.

SSL certificates sold by are based on public-key cryptography and are used in many secure network protocols. Connections secured by similar certificates are used by most of Internet users in Estonia, as the same technology is being used in Internet banks, the State Portal and e-Tax Board.

Zone Media LLC which operates under the trademark since 1999, is the largest domain registrar and hosting service provider in Estonia.

We upgraded our Web Hosting plans

All Zone Web Hosting plans just got significant upgrades, which enable our customers to use their homepages and e-mail in more advanced ways. Also, some minor corrections to our pricing were made.

The most significant changes were:

Service plan I

  • – Storage space was upgraded 5 times (10 GiB -> 50 GiB)
  • – Maximum size for a mailbox was raised 6 times (500 MiB -> 3 GiB)
  • – Monthly traffic limit was raised over 3 times (300 GiB -> 1 TiB)
  • – For customers using the monthly billing cycle, the price rose 27 cents
  • – For customers using the yearly billing cycle, the price fell by 4 cents

Service plan II

  • – Storage space was upgraded nearly 4 times (20 GiB -> 75 GiB)
  • – Maximum size for a mailbox was raised over 6 times (750 MiB -> 5 GiB)
  • – Monthly traffic limit was raised over 4 times (500 GiB -> 2 TiB)
  • – The limit on the number of mailboxes was removed
  • – For customers using the monthly billing cycle, the price rose 36 cents
  • – For customers using the yearly billing cycle, the price fell by 2 cents

Service plan III

  • – Storage space was upgraded over 3 times (30 GiB -> 100 GiB)
  • – Maximum size for a mailbox was raised 5 times (1 GiB -> 5 GiB)
  • – Monthly traffic cap was removed
  • – The limit on the number of mailboxes was removed
  • – For customers using the monthly billing cycle, the price rose 49 cents
  • – For customers using the yearly billing cycle, the price fell by 5 cents

The new parameters for service plans are already in effect. Altho our existing customers will be billed by the new pricing in May.

Web hosting service plan I free of charge for the first two months!

Starting today all customers who order web hosting service plan I can use it free of charge for the first two months. Offer is valid only for new orders regardless of the invoicing period.

Campaign ends on the 1 of April 2013 and on this day we have some big news for our customers.

EE domain price reduced by 2 euros

As Estonian Internet Foundation announced last year reduced price and updated Domain Regulation of EE domain will apply from today.

The biggest change is that from now on the EE domain can be registered for up to three years instead of one year as it was so far. At Estonian biggest domain registrar Zone Media the EE domain registration fee for one year is 19.74 euros, for two years 38.28 euros and for three years 55.62 euros (prices include VAT).

Other important changes are:

– Domain registration prices will be reduced by 2 euros. As we promised in November 2012 we will change our pricing policy and also drop the price by the same amount so that our clients can get the full benefit of the price change.

– New domain registration periods and prices will become available. If you register a domain name for two years, you will save 3 euros when compared with current pricing. If you register a domain name for three years, you will save 4 euros.

– If your domain name expires it will be deleted in 45 days, instead of the current 90 days.

– Domain registrations authorized via a bank transfer from an Estonian bank, will be handled instantly. Previously there has been a delay required by the registry.

You can check out the new domain registration terms at: